How To Locate Pet Friendly Apartments In West Ashley

By Ryan Thompson

Most people consider their companion animals to be part of the family. They can therefore feel discouraged if they are not permitted to live with a pet in the apartment they want to lease. In such a situation, pet owners will be forced to seek for an alternative apartment or a home for the companion animal. It is then advisable to look for pet friendly apartments in West Ashley.

You can go through real estate websites in search for pet friendly apartments. Search engines will enable you go through the displayed apartments and get those that accept domestic animals. However, in some apartments only small cats and dogs weighing twenty pounds or less are allowed. In some apartment communities, exotic pets are not allowed. You must therefore find out what types of pets are allowed in the apartment community you want to live in.

Pet owners can also find pet friendly apartments if they use the services of reputable leasing agents. By using the services of these agents, the chances of finding a pet friendly apartment will increase. Leasing agents know the rules that landlords and property management firms set up. It is essential to know these rules when searching for the right property in West Ashley.

As you search for an apartment, you should also consider the other individuals who will be living in the complex. It is advisable to look for a community that specifies the obligations of residents who have pets. In such an apartment complex, you will know that other pet owners have a commitment to be responsible residents.

When seeking pet friendly apartments, you should also gather documents that show you are responsible. When you have such documents, the landlord will see you as a good prospective tenant. You can acquire documents showing that you are vigilant from your current property manager or landlord. You can also show the property manager a letter showing that your dog is trained. You may also provide him or her with a letter from a veterinary doctor showing that you care for the health of your pet.

Prospective tenants should also inform the apartment manager that they will do their best to keep the property is clean. They should inform him or her that their companion animal knows how to use a litter box. They should also emphasize that they clean up after their pet outdoors and get rid of the waste in an appropriate manner. Their aim should be to inform the property owner or manager that they clearly understand that living with a companion animal is a privilege.

Most apartment managers are concerned with fleas. You must tell your landlord that you run a flea control program for your domestic animal. You should also inform him or her that your pet is always under control. This will make the landlord or manager believe that you are also health conscious.

Once you find an apartment community that is pet friendly, it is vital to make a quick deposit. Such apartments are booked quickly because most pet owners would like to bring their pets to their new homes. The apartment managers will have to confirm that the pets are safe health wise before they are allowed into the complex. As long as pets have good behavioral habits and are healthy, the property managers or landlords do not have problems approving them.

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