Learn How A Norwalk Chiropractic Office Helps Migraine Sufferers

By Kurt Saniel

Headaches fall into many different categories. Some are minor annoyances that do not last long. Others can be painful enough to interrupt the normal days activities. The migraine headaches, however, fall into a category described as throbbing, blinding and excruciating. People describe them as disabling and accompanied by nausea and vomiting. There is a leading Norwalk CT Chiropractor offering help in alleviating their pain.

Researchers theorize what the cause or causes might be. Many of these theories are valid possibilities, but, none of them can be confirmed. However, there are proven care methods to alleviate the hurt.

For the individuals who want to avoid medication, there are spinal adjustments. Not only do these reduce the severity of a current episode, but, evidence indicates those who receive the adjustments experience fewer and less severe episodes in the future.

One controlled scientific study was conducted at a university where 127 sufferers participated. The requirement for participation was a minimum of one migraine a month. Of the 127, 4 did not finish the study. A group of 83 had chiropractic adjustments over a 2 month period of time. Of those, 22 percent reported a reduction in frequency of 90 percent. In that same group significant improvement was reported by another 50 percent. The control group, used for comparison, included 40 who did not receive adjustments.

If you are one of the 15 percent of women or 6 percent of men in the population who suffer from these agonizing headaches, chiropractic adjustments promise good results towards alleviating the hurt and nausea they cause. Consulting your chiropractor is the first step. An in-depth discussion and physical exam will be done to confirm the occurrence of migraines.

When it is determined that a series of spinal adjustments are the appropriate method of care, you will be scheduled to receive them. Improvement takes place over time. Each appointment is expected to bring additional pain alleviation. In addition, the intensity and frequency of future migraines is lessened.

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