Buying Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

By Larry Li

Just what are the problems that can come as a result of buying cheap sunglasses? Recently I bought a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses on the internet. These were a great bargain and I recollect thinking that the bargain might be too good to be true. Having said that I bought them anyway because cannot resist grabbing a bargain when shopping on the web. Evidently, yes, it had been way too good a rate. I should have paid attention to that small voice in the back of my mind. It was a complete fiasco.

I got my low-cost Oakley eyewear and they looked ok. They didn't really feel as strong as I would've liked however looked fantastic, and that is what I really wished for from my sunglasses. These were a designer statement above all. I started using them a lot and they were pretty good. I enjoyed them and I appeared to be receiving plenty of attention since they looked so great. Lots of individuals were asking where I purchased them. And a few were surprised when I said how expensive they were.

The real problem arrived once I was out on my bicycle. They didn't sit properly on my nose. It was not a problem while I was strolling about town however I then got on my bike. They kept moving down my nose and offered simply no proper grip, the hard rubberized nose portion ended up being useless. Next they dropped off. My sunglasses crashed into the ground, perished underneath my rear tire and, with all the commotion of sun light along with destroying my sunglasses, I somehow swerved and hit a rock and flew off my bicycle. Luckily I wasn't harmed. However, if I had been on hillier ground than just a woodlands path, then it could have been a lot different.

After that I have read some reviews and found that a low quality nose piece is a giveaway with lots of counterfeit sunglasses. So that makes a much more sense now. I wish I just invested some more money on my sunglasses. The low cost Oakley sunglasses really let me down and I travelled all the way home squinting in the sunshine in addition to practically being blinded by insects. I heaved myself off the floor and instantly realised that the money I had saved was not worth it at all.

In the future if I am shopping for some designer shades I will shop for them through a shop I know and can trust for quality. Even with proper shops you can find some Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. Paying out the money to get a quality pair is way more preferable in comparison with choosing a low cost, fake pair that will do nothing more than looking rather attractive. Someone also pointed out that I had no clue what protection from the sun I had been getting through my bargain eyewear so I guess there is that health and safety aspect to consider also.

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