WW3 Scenarios Too Outrageous But Ones That Might Just Actually Happen

By Gregory Hughes

Politics has always been a hot issue across the globe. It plays a major role in decision making and is basically what governs a nation to make sure that peace, order and balance are maintained. This is exactly why different countries from all over the world strive to create international order in hopes of stabilizing the economy and the distribution of power across various stakeholders.

But in as much as how the world leaders strive to create a peaceful and harmonious relationship, there remains this growing possibility of chaos given the cultural and religious beliefs of people. WW3 scenarios are among the hottest topics especially among fans of conspiracy theories. Judging from the growing conflicts in some parts of the world, what many think as something hilarious may now come as a welcome idea.

Still, going to war sounded too much. In fact it is. At present, the rule of law still prevails. However, there are already some scenarios going around that might really happen should the growing conflict around the world continue to escalate. Below are some of the most far fetched ideas.

Gundam gets real. Wouldn't it be a fancy to anime fans to actually see those colorful, badass Gundam go flying on air. It is. But its a whole new different story when you talk about using these machines to wield war against nations. For a technologically advanced country as Japan, this thing might just get real in the future. Fancy and deadly.

KPOP domination over the North. Not very likely but still a fancy thought. What if for once, North Korea becomes to engrossed with Souths idols that they actually decide to make peace. Or what if the South uses this influence to invade their neighbor. If the artists managed to gain influence across the world, whats stopping them from taking root in their neighbor country.

Russia combining powers with China and Iran for an all out nuclear war. The combined power of the three spells disaster and chaos. But its easy for some to imagine just how possible this scenario is. After all, they are pro nuclear. They are said to have common enemies and are open to political compromise when needed.

United States being hit by a super huge earthquake enough to cripple their economy and prevent them from extending help. The Big Apple is the sole superpower in the world. But a super earthquake might just be the factor that could become a major blow to America. After all, it cant be predicted. As lots of Christian believers would say, there must be a reason why America is never mentioned in the Holy Book.

Germany rising once again with its modern Hitler equivalent. We are no longer new to the horrors during Hitlers time. Many were subjected to torture, so as manslaughter, and this is something that the majority wouldn't want to experience again. Still, the possibility is welcomed by many especially considering the influence and strength of Germany.

The idea about the third world war may seem outrageous at present. However, its not something that should completely be taken for granted especially considering the division in public opinion and political advocacy. It always help to stay informed and on guard. Be watchful.

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