What You Should Know Before Taking Polo Lessons NJ

By Stephanie Stewart

Preparing to go for a horse riding lesson id similar to the preparation when going to any other kind of lesson. Whatever you need to do in order to be well prepared and versed with the lesson at hand is similar to what you shall do while preparing for polo classes. Unless you are adequately prepared, there are chances that you may not learn a lot of things involved in the lessons. Moreover, you must be armed or rather prepared with skills that will make your first lesson helpful and more so fruitful. Here are some tips to employ during a polo lessons NJ.

Since this is your first lesson and you are excited, you do not want to arrive late for your first lesson. Therefore, ensure you wake up early in order to report early. Try to ensure you avail yourself for the classes a few minutes earlier prior to the beginning of the lesson. This will give you enough time to settle and prepare.

Since you do not want to be in a situation where you are not sure where you need to go, inquire with the relevant personnel days before the day. Furthermore, ask if you can be provided with a map that will guide you especially if you are new to that place. Double check the address and contacts they provide to you just to make sure they are correct. Unless you do this, you may end up getting the wrong information and this will mess you up at the end.

The kind of clothes you wear also goes a long way to determining both your comfort and safety during the entire lesson. Long pants are obviously more comfortable than skirts or rather dresses. Moreover, long pants will protect your legs from getting scratches from the straps and buckles strapped on the horse. Make sure the pants you wear are not too tight on your body since such will make you uncomfortable.

Attending your first polo lesson is similar to attending an interview. You need to be dressed in a manner that makes you appear as presentable possible. Since is a horse riding lesson, you are advised to wear a polo t shirt as part of your dressing code. You will look more appealing in such a cloth compared to when you come dressed up like a cowboy.

Since it is horse riding, and most importantly your first horse riding, you need to equip yourself with all the gears that will keep you safe throughout the entire training. These gears must include your helmet, riding boots and also fitted gloves. Avoid any shoes that have heels on them.

Most often, the ass you will be riding on will be new to you and you will be a stranger to him. This means that there are possibilities of him becoming a bit unwelcoming or aggressive to you. This is the reason why you need to prepare him prior to the lesson date. Go this by taking him through a walk, washing or even brushing him.

After it is all said and done, you must carry out thorough research prior to the day of the lesson. This research will help you go through the entire lesson with much ease. Read through books and also browse through the Internet to obtain all the necessary information.

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