Types Of Sports Protective Wear

By Brian Scott

Sporting activities have very large followers worldwide. Apart from people watching, most of them have taken another step into taking part in the games they like. However, this prone injury activity has forced its lovers to take precautionary measures to avoid being injured, an event that has turned out to be inevitable in any sport and hence the need for sports protective wear.

Putting on protective gear has turned out to be the best way of one protecting themselves from picking up an injury in any sport. There are many types of protective equipment where each sport has turned out to have their distinct protective gear depending on the risks associated with that game. Some of these include helmets, shin guards, mouthpiece, gum shields and shoulder pads.

The main aim of such protective gear is to prevent one from getting injured in the event of a hard physical tackle either by a fellow player or even the playing accessories such as bats and golf balls. Though sports subject their players to regular injuries, there are others which are deemed to be, prone to injuries than others, for example, rugby, hockey, motor racing and also car racing just to name a few.

In the design of these different protective gear, it can be noted that most of them are designed to prevent bone fractures and joint dislocations as these are termed as the most prone types of injuries in most sports. In addition to this, the injuries associated with the most fragile body parts such as the eyes and ears can be well taken care of through using unique protectors like the protective eyewear made of polycarbonate.

One of these is the helmet. It is used in several different sports for the protection of the head. They are very vital in games that there is a very high likelihood of collision such as in cycling and racing and not forgetting baseball. However, there are some players who refrain from using the helmets as they seem to be bulky.

A mouthpiece is responsible for the protection of teeth when one is playing, as the teeth may end up getting knocked. It also protects the gums and even the tongue from impact related injuries. Many games call for mouth protection. Some of these games include wrestling, rugby, and even boxing.

Unique clothes that have the ability to absorb shocks have been established in the industry. These materials are fabricated with different fiber-like reinforcement for this purpose. Also, there are various foot protections that are good for outdoor games like football or soccer as they assist in protecting the ankles and the feet from injuries.

As much as these protective equipment are designed to protect the players, they should be used as per the necessary requirements so that they provide the protection for which they are intended. Each of them should be utilized for its rightful purpose. A helmet should be used only in games that require the use of a helmet.

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