There Is A Professional Valet Service Michigan Hotels, Restaurants And Night Clubs Can Use For Increasing Their Reputations

By Steven Lee

If you have a restaurant, night club or hotel, you think all of the time about your reputation. You know this has to do with customer service. You understand it has to do with providing people a pleasant time when they use your facilities. One of those services should be the provision of the professional valet service Michigan residents and visitors have been led to expect.

Cold, wet weather and the resulting puddles on the sidewalk and streets really out a damper on your guests having a good time. The Great Lake States have a number of companies who offer this service and finding one will help you provide your guests with a better experience. This done by them not having to fight with that weather or those puddles when going to or from your place of business.

If it is a hotel that you are running, your guests have a lot of bags. They might, if you cater to a lot of business people, have presentation cases that should not get banged around or wet. These clients need to be able to drop those parcels off at the front door so they can get in and relax. They also want their car safe and returned to them quickly when they need them.

In front of your restaurant, you want your potential diners to have an easy time getting out of their cars or trucks so they can enjoy all of the food you prepare for them. The valet will take their vehicle and ensure it is ready when they get done, just after they pay their bill. This means they know that, when they go to your eating establishment, they do not have to fight the traffic just to get a before dinner drink.

Night clubs are notorious for not having a large parking lot. This should not be an issue for your guests and providing a valet service will help them relax. They still want to exit their vehicle right at the door and also have a safe parking spot. Your provision of this will help them relax with the drinks and dancing you offer.

The valet company will establish a desk or kiosk in front of your establishment. They will be dressed in an appropriate uniform and have identification badges. They will receive the keys from your guests and issue a claim receipt. They will then locate one of the secure locations, usually a parking structure with security, and place the car there, carefully.

Finding the valet company that owns their own parking structure will offer you the best deal and more secure arrangements for your guests cars. Many companies, regardless of where each car is parked with utilize GPS technology to monitor the cars. They will be able to pull this information up on the computer screen at their desk for any client wanting this data.

People, your potential clients, do not want to do business with a place that does not help them feel safe while doing so. Providing a safe place for their vehicles, while they enjoy our facility is one way of advertising they are welcome. It does not matter whether they are local residents or form any of the other 49 states, your reputation can stand up just fine.

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