The Top Canterbury Scrum Cap Designs

By Stewart Potter

I have been participating in Rugby for several years. The question I get asked time and time again is where do I buy my scrum caps from? I have always picked seriously colourful headguard and evidently this kind of gets the interest of my team. I really enjoy it, and so I generally encourage them to obtain their own, and not merely for the safety element of wearing a headguard in the game.

In all probability it allows the opposition spot me as well, which might not be a good factor. Sporting something that vibrant and eye catching causes you to become more recognisable, sticking to plain team kit has its benefit. Making yourself an aim for the opposition isn't really the greatest idea. However that won't really bother me, and I would rather dress in a vibrant and outlandish headguard instead of than a plain, bland design.

Since I like all of the various scrum cap designs, I tend to purchase 3 or 4 each season. They're not hugely costly and I love to change things up a little bit between games and training. Exactly what can I say? I am an enthusiast! My favourite brand is definitely Canterbury as they have the most fashionable headguards. For quite a while now they have produced an "uglies" model which is particularly attention grabbing and I confess I have been through a couple of these designs.

I additionally like the design of Gilbert headguards and I also have had a number of these over the years. However they never acquire quite the same level of attention as the Canterbury headguards, so I constantly find myself returning to Canterbury Scrum Caps. Each offer you very good defense however, and I think both are very good, trustworthy companies with regard to protective equipment like this.

I would be very reluctant to take part in a rugby match without my trusty scrum cap. Even just in friendlies, I like experiencing this extra sense of secureness. I am aware they will never provide total protection, nevertheless it's an improvement on nothing. And after listening to some of the horror stories which circulate within the changing rooms an internet-based discussion boards, amongst all players, I made a decision early on that I wished to use a scrum cap.

Sporting a vibrant scrum cap for rugby has become bit of a trademark for me over the years, and all of my fellow team mates recognize me because of it now. occasions when folk have failed to recognise me at the club house following a game since I didn't have my cap on! I realize, it may sound crazy. Yet it's part of me and my own personal identity now so I suppose people think it is peculiar if I stray from this. And to tell the truth, my head feels strange if I stray from this too!

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