Considerations With Ford Mustang Right Hand Drive Conversion

By Mark Rogers

If you are taking your car to another country where they drive on the other side of the road you may want to have the controls moved to the right hand side of the vehicle. If you are trying to find a way to get a ford mustang right hand drive conversion there are a few points to consider. It is not compulsory to make theses changes but converting the car will make driving a lot easier.

There is a fair bit of technical work to be done when converting a vehicle from left to right hand drive. All of the controls used to operate the car will need moving and a few items of interior items such as rear view mirrors and switches. The underside of the car will also need some attention and adjustment of the brakes and suspension will be required.

The cheapest way of moving the steering wheel and foot pedals for a basic conversion is to buy a kit from an auto store or online supplier and carry out the work as a DIY project. There will be kits offered that are made for the many mustang models at very reasonable prices. You should be aware that the finished results when using a kit are not as good as when you have the work done by an engineering company.

You can buy a parts kit from an online supplier and a little research should be done before you make a purchase. Your items will be dispatched overnight, and will arrive complete with all necessary fitting instructions. A lot of the modifications may require you to buy special tools and you should check with the supplier before you order.

A much better conversion can be achieved when you submit the car to a reputable company who can carry out the work. There are companies that do conversions to an extremely high standard at competitive prices. The costs will obviously be higher than a DIY job but you will have a guaranteed job at the end of the day.

Converting cars will often take quite a bit of time and it will depend on which model of Ford mustang you have. A speedy job can sometimes be done but this will cost more and some classic vehicles may need specialized work. The benefits of getting the work done by a reputable firm is that they can continue to look after your car after the modifications have been done.

It is a legal requirement in most countries to have all modifications inspected before the car is driven on the road. The conversion firms will issue a certificate covering all modifications and a list of which things that have been altered. If the work is done as a DIY project in your workshop then the car will then need to be inspected and certified before you can drive it.

If your car is still under its Ford warranty, the modifications will affect this. If you decide to sell the vehicle in the future the price may be affected as it will not be factory standard. By law, your insurance company will need to be told about the conversion and your annual premiums may rise.

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