Latch Key Children Have Fun

By Amy Schmidt

There are times when every kid in America wishes that they were independent from their parents and other adults who make life difficult. Latch key children usually have all the fun since they are able to survive on their own during most of the afternoon and night. Their parents are busy trying to make a living for these little awesome tykes who are too grown up for their own good.

Quite a few of these youngsters enter into their homes in the afternoon and never leave the premises. The refrigerator is usually filled with all types of good foods which will fatten their belly within mere moments. Sometimes they will even have a chance to play video games which are located within their bedroom and this is truly marvelous.

The children who live this type of lifestyle have many expensive things within their bedroom. Their adult leaders want to keep them entertained for hours and this is really a good thing. Parents who cannot be with their children during all hours of the day will sometimes buy these young tykes many expensive items.

Young ladies living around America and other places all need to have a strong older male or female in their life during the later hours. Many of them have come to realize that the darkness will bring nothing but agony and sometimes this particular time of the day will have a negative affect on their lives.

Unfortunately there was a young girl who was once a part of this famous group of young children. Each and every day she would arrive home from school and enter into an empty apartment. Once inside this glorious place this young woman would fix herself a snack and settle down for the night in front of the television set. This went on for a few months since her mother was a single parent working most of the night.

She had no idea that a mature male was watching her every move during the afternoon hours and this was very unfortunate. This male wanted to enter into her home and gain her trust. Eventually he posed as an insurance salesman and was able to enter into the small apartment. He told her that she would be a great fashion model.

Like many young women in America she had always wanted to join the entertainment world and become famous like Madonna and other female celebrities. The duo had planned to meet towards the end of the week and she could not wait for this certain event. She did not hesitate when he told her to get into his car.

A few hours had passed before the girl noticed that she and this male had left out of the city limits. This was not good at all since they had met up with another strange looking man. He grabbed the young woman away from the younger male after giving him some large bills. No one really knows if this girl is still alive.

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