Critical Information On Tummy Tuck Northwest Indiana Residents Should Understand

By Matthew Harris

One of the fields of medicine that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years is plastic and reconstructive surgery. There is a wide array of procedures that are performed today mainly for cosmetic purposes. Tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) is certainly one of the commonest in Merrillville. As the name suggests, this operation is performed on the abdomen. There are some important things related to tummy tuck northwest Indiana residents will find informative.

The main reason as to why people choose to undergo abdominoplasty is the presence of excessive abdominal fat particularly around the abdominal region. In many cases, this fat is the result of years of accumulation due to improper lifestyle practices. Pregnancy may also have similar effects and this group of patients is also increasing steadily. The removal of fat helps to achieve tighter abdominal muscles and a better look.

Different types of surgical techniques exist. The surgeon will choose a technique based on a number of factors that include his skill, the extent of fat removal expected and patient preference. One of the most commonly used techniques is known as complete abdominoplasty. This technique entails the use of two surgical incisions. One of them runs from one of the thighs to the pubic region and the other is made around the navel.

Another technique that is fairly common is the partial abdominoplasty. This is used, when the surgery is minimal (only a small amount of fat is to be removed). Although two incisions are also used here, they are smaller than those that are used for complete abdominoplasty. The fat that is removed is that found in the lower abdominal region. Other popular techniques include the circumferential technique, the extended abdominoplasty and high lateral tension.

Just as is the case with many cosmetic procedures, the results of abdominoplasty greatly vary from one person to another. This variation can be attributed to differences in techniques, abilities of our bodies to heal and replace tissues and the magnitude of the initial problem. The general recommendation is that there should be a lifestyle change after the operation so as to maintain the benefits achieved.

Generally, abdominoplasty is a safe surgical operation. However, it is not completely devoid of risks. During the operation, one may suffer from excessive bleeding, embolism of fat tissues (a life threatening complication), or injury to nerve tissues. Infections may set in within a few days but these can be easily controlled using antibiotics. The surgeon and the client need to discuss the probability of having these complications beforehand.

The average person will require a few weeks to one month to recover fully. The exact time that is needed depends on the extent of surgery and the quality of nursing care thereafter. The general advice is that one should avoid excessive physical activity during the healing period. Smokers should avoid tobacco for at least two months before and after the surgery.

The tummy tuck procedure remains one of the most popular options used in losing abdominal fat rapidly. The reasons behind this are clearly for all to see; the risks are few and the results are satisfactory in a majority of cases. In spite of this, one needs to have a discussion with their surgeon to consider all the possibilities before they decide on the operation.

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