4 Tips For Avoiding Potholes, With Teamone

By Jason McDonald

Potholes are relatively common if you drive for a living. TeamOne can agree, as they help truck drivers in the way of health and wellness, but drivers must still understand how to avoid these holes which slowly form in the road. Fortunately, there exist different strategies that can help make your future driving endeavors all the safer. In fact, here are 4 of the best tips that you should follow, in order to see success of the highest level.

There are many ways that potholes can be avoided, one such method being the reduction of driving speed. Keep in mind that pothole damage can be caused by speeding, seeing as how you don't leave yourself much room for error in this scenario. What this means - and companies like TeamOne Logistics can agree - is that you should bring down your speed. By giving yourself time to make up for possible errors, pothole damage stands a lesser chance of occurring.

Next, be mindful of what appear to be simple puddles after storms ensue. After all, potholes tend to fill up rather quickly, which gives the impression that nothing is out of the ordinary with them. However, it's possible that they are potholes in disguise, meaning that you'd be wise to be wary when on the road. Needless to say, this will help keep your vehicles, as well as the tires on it, in the best shape possible.

When making turns, it's in your best interest to turn as carefully as possible. The reason for this is that it can become very easy to swerve, which means that you might hit potholes at odd angles. What this means is that your vehicle stands a greater chance of becoming damaged, which is why turns must be made with care. This goes for anyone, whether they are simple drivers or those who operate full truck driver staffing agencies.

To conclude this list, ensure that your tire pressure is in top shape. Keep in mind that yearly inspections are required for a number of reasons, the potential changing of tires included. When your tires appear flat or simply don't have as much air as they should, pothole damage can become all the more serious. For this reason, if you are told that tires have to be changed, understand that it's nothing short of a necessity.

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