The Fight Against World War 3 ISIS

By Kimberly Jackson

There are no doubts the global effects of a third world war would be catastrophic. In fact, there have already been too many countries lost to or shredded by those fighting the war on terror. Whether Al Queda, or ISIS, innocent civilians lost during the ongoing World War 3 isis insurgency are already in the millions.

At times it can appear that insurgents in Iraq and other areas are attempting to lure the United States into World War III. There has been no action or statement supporting this claim by the administration of the United States or any other country involved in the conflict. Still, the fact that the United States continues to employ military personnel to the region proves that the country is on a major defensive against this militant group.

When it comes to the American relationship with other countries over ISIS, it is caught in a rather difficult position when it comes to Russia. One reason this is the case is because the White House, the Pentagon and other state agencies can not gain a clear understanding of demands from ISIS and other groups. Whereas, while still fragile, the United States and Syria continue its fight against ISIS fighters in the region.

The religious aspects of the war on terror are similar to the proselytizing and brainwashing of non-believers all over the world. In its most simple form, most terrorist attacks are based on bigotry and hatred of ideologies as much as lifestyle. Individuals were born with a conscious mind, blank albeit conscience. As such, it is that which is learned over the course of a lifetime that shapes most beliefs, ideologies and lifestyles.

The bible has often been used as a weapon in the Christian Faith. Whereas, the Quran has become known as a basis for the actions of ISIS and similar groups. Believers and readers of these and other religious texts often have beliefs based on strict interpretation of limited chapters and verses.

While many in local and national government portray America as a Christian nation, most of the population identifies otherwise. In addition, there are many different aspects and segments of the Catholic, Christian, Greek and others based on the belief in the trinity also known as father, son and holy ghost. As a result, individuals of the same faith can often have a number of different beliefs with relation to religion and spirituality overall.

What countries in the West also need to understand is that these attacks have been going on for quite some time. While ISIS may be a rather new name, Al Queda and others are all too familiar. One difference between these groups is that while Al Queda has been under attack since 2003, the war against ISIS fighters and insurgents has only just begun though it does appear some progress has already taken place.

Many often blame the George W. Bush administration for the ongoing troubles in the middle east. There is no doubt the invasion complicated relations with Iraq though as we have seen democracy has come to light in other countries following the war on Iraq in 2003. So, while it may seem that the war only work to destroy a leader and a country, its global effects did produce some aspect of good though at a great cost to America and others.

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