Techniques In Keeping Your Racing Horse Stable Fresh

By Kenneth Collins

People are very fond of having a pet in their house. They find these pets very cute and huggable, especially if your pet is a dog. Having one can also be a therapy to human since they make a good companion.

Some people do not even treat them as animals. For them, these creatures are their family. They take care of them for almost everyday. Pets come in all forms, there are dogs, cats, birds, and even horses. By taking care of them, we must also clean the house we made for them, like the california racing horse stable.

These animals are not only simple animals. They actually are family to those people who owns them. If you love them truly, they will also give you love in return. To help you with keeping your horses clean, take into consideration a few of these helpful techniques.

Dress accordingly. Keep in mind that you are about to clean a horse stable so you should wear clothes that would enable you to breathe properly. Avoid dark colored clothes for it will only make feel hot and irritated while you do the cleaning. Use clothes with thin fabric so it would be easier for you to move to and fro. Also, wear appropriate boots to keep your feet from being dirty.

Prepare all the tools. Apart from the clothing, the cleaning tools that you should use should also be ready. Prepare all the things that you needed for cleaning like the rake, wheelbarrow, shovel and many others. Make sure you bring all of them in the stable where you are supposed to do the cleaning or in the nearby area for easy access.

Look for some help. Take note that the horse stable is a big place. For sure, you cannot clean it all alone so it is better if you look for some help. Request someone to aid you in the cleaning. Break down the jobs to be done and make sure that you have clearly plot out what your companion should do so that he will not get confused.

Free the area. Take all the horses out in their stalls so you can properly clean them. Request someone to make a quick stroll with the horse while you are there cleaning their beds. If no one can accompany the horses, you may just put them in an empty and clean pasture.

Dig into the bedding. Horse manure may be hard to remove, especially if it has been there for almost a week. Use the tools that you have in order to remove, not only the manure, but also the bedding which got wet with the urine. After removing it, place it in the wheelbarrow or a cart, ready to be thrown in proper disposal.

Replace the bedding. Removing the entire bedding is a must. This is to ensure that your horses will live in a healthy environment. Therefore, after you have remove those dirty ones, replace it with a fresh and new one. Make sure you level the surface of the bedding for a greater comfort for your horses.

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