Choosing Tree Experts In Ashburn VA

By Laura McFadden

Trees are important landscape assets that come with a lot of benefits. They are environment friendly as they provide oxygen and clean air. On top of that they add r aesthetic value to the property. They require proper care and maintenance to keep them healthy and that is why one should hire Tree Experts In Ashburn VA.

Damaged trees are very unsightly and can be very dangerous especially during a storm. Being living things, they are subject to infestation by diseases, insects and pests. Arborists are equipped in knowledge and skills of diagnosing diseases and giving the right treatment. They also provide routine pesticide, insecticide and other preventive treatment for the plants. They prune branches for good structure, aesthetic reasons and to keep them from cables and buildings.

Trees need routine examination and maintenance. This includes administering fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides for preventive measures. In case of disease, these experts make proper diagnosis and treatment. They have scientific knowledge on arboriculture and therefore they make a better appraisal of a situation than the owner. Their knowledge is particularly important when pressing for legal compensation for damage done to your property. They also do plant and stump removal, pruning, relocation of the plant, vertical mulching and lightning protection.

There are many companies in Ashburn who claim to offer arborist services. After a storm, you are most likely to see them on your door step asking you to hire them. An under qualified person can cause long term damage and loss of viability of the plant whereas a competent person ensures long term health. Before admitting a company, assess them for professionalism.

They must have is a business license. More importantly they should provide you with a certificate of insurance that is up to date. They should have a liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. A company should be properly insured against any damage, injuries or accidents that may occur while they are working.

These companies belong to professional organizations which provide them with certificates or accreditation. A company should be found among the approved arborists in Ashburn, Virginia. Certificate from International Society of Arboriculture is a must because this shows that the company personnel have the basic understanding of caring for trees. Membership to Tree Care Industry proves high standard of performance while a certificate from American Society of Consulting Arborist equate to high experience.

The above certifications communicate commitment to education and professionalism. To ensure the company you hire provides quality work, view clients reference and ratings. Choose the company with the highest working experience and qualified staffs. They must have relevant equipment for working and be equipped with safety gears.

A contract is a must have document. Ensure it is clear about the pricing, type of service you agree on, working time and cleaning up. Be aware of companies that offer topping up services or use spikes.

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