Some Of The Biggest Attractions In Tampa

By Jony Mozen

Florida is one of the most beautiful places in the United States of America because it is rich of history that one can experience. One place in particular is known to be very beautiful and this place is known as Tampa. For those who are curious to know what this place is about, here is a list of some of the most popular attractions that can be found there.

Now the very first on this list would be none other than Busch Gardens which is the place to go in order to have an adventure. The whole park has an African theme that would be coupled with some live music and also some performances at night. There is also a safari adventure called the Serengeti Night Safari wherein one can find a lot of animals.

The second on the list would be another place for animal lovers to go to. This place is known as the Lowry Park Zoo and is known to be one of the biggest zoos in the entire city with a big range of animals for people to see. Visitors may even feed the animals there as there are also people who are supervising the visitors anyway.

Now for the big cat lovers out there, it would be pretty interesting to go to the Big Cat Rescue. Now just to give a background, this was started by an organization that wanted to give abandoned big cats a home where they can roam around without worrying about predators. So if one is into big cats like the lions, the panthers, or the cheetahs, then this is the place to go.

For those who love strolling along streets, one of the best streets to visit would be the Ybor Community. This community is actually a Latin community that was founded by the famous cigar baron known as Vicente Martinez Ybor. This place has a lot of historical buildings and is the ideal place for people to just walk around and enjoy the scenery.

Now for those who are patrons of the arts, then they should head over to the old theater of the city. Now this old theater is actually the oldest theater in town and has a very Italian design with some Greek and Byzantine influences as well. In this theater, one will be able to watch many classic films.

For those that enjoy history, then the best place for him to visit would most likely be the Henry B Plant Museum. This museum is rather interesting because it only deals with relics of the city itself. One will be able to know how the city started out and how it developed over time.

So for those who are wanting to go on a very interesting vacation, try out this place. This city has something for everyone from a place for animal lovers to a historical street and to even an African themed adventure park. If one would pay a visit to his city, he will definitely have a lot of stories to tell when he goes back home.

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