Give Rose Quartz For Love And Healing

By Frank Bailey

Whether you are searching for a special gift for Valentines, a birthday, anniversary or just to say "I love you", it can be hard to find something which truly expresses your feelings. Chocolates and flowers are gone in just a few days, stuffed toys can seem childish. An item made from rose quartz can say all the things you wish and last forever.

Quartz is readily found in many areas on the earth and as a result small items made from this semi-precious stone can be very cheap to buy. Larger items require bigger pieces of the raw stone and therefore can be pricey, particularly if a lot of work has gone into carving or shaping the object. Skilled craftsmen make bowls, obelisks and many other beautiful creations and the beauty is well worth the cost. Whatever your budget you can always find something really lovely made from this stone.

Found in hues from pale pink to a richer red, the coloring depends on the metals which have combined with the crystal. Iron and titanium form deeper hues. The rarest crystal containing aluminum or phosphate is much paler. The structure is light sensitive and can fade over time which adds to the range of colors.

Associated with the signs of Libra and Taurus, this gorgeous gem is perfect for a loved one who has their birthday in one of those time periods. It also has associations with caring, love, friendship, romance and trust. When you give this as a gift it speaks the words in your heart and lets them know you truly love them.

It is a widely held belief that crystals have benefits to health and well-being. This rosy stone is reputed to aid with ailments of the chest, kidneys and circulation. It is believed to bring balance to the entire body and even help with sufferers of vertigo.

Due to the loving and caring vibes which are thought to emanate from the crystal it is also thought to help with fertility and nurture. The resonance is believed to help both the mother and unborn child during pregnancy. The belief that the stone itself has a calming effect could be the reason it helps mother relax and prevent any stress for the fetus.

Whatever reason you choose a piece made from this delightful stone, whether it be it's healing qualities or simply the enticing color, it will surely enhance your house or the home of a loved one. It has a delicate quality which suits jewelry for younger girls who have a natural looking beauty. The glitz of other gems can seem brash while bangles, necklaces and earrings of quartz are more subtle.

Your high street jeweler or department store should have many items to choose from so you can find the perfect gift. Specialist crystal stores are likely to have larger items and the more rare varieties and can offer more insight into the properties which are associated with this delightful mineral. Should you be unable to find a store locally or perhaps are searching for something truly unique, then the internet has an abundance of retailers offering items to suit all budgets and needs.

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