Getting To Know Liverpool Football Club Latest News

By Linda Myers

Every football fanatic knows Liverpool FC. The most awarded club of all time is currently at position 10 in the EPL having played 18 marches in which it has clashed in 7 marches, drew in six, and crashed in five. The team has 27 points which is disappointing for such a football giant. Anyway the new manager, Jurgen Klopp, may be here to solve the woes. Get to Liverpool football club latest news here.

Incredible! Winning 6-1 against Southampton! 2 December 2015 must have been the best day for all Liverpool fans. Ironically it was Southampton who first struck in the first minute. Sadio Mane hammered their lone goal to give his team the lead and a perfect start. However their command was short lived as the reds struck twice in the first half to steer the Reds into command.

Mammone had stopped a shot by Coutinho which would have doubled the reds advantage over their hosts and produce a more exiting score. Coutinho had another shot at a similar angle which proved fruitless too. Squandering two attempts only to earn nothing is terrible for a player. Is that why Chelsea preferred to stay at the back when in command rather than have futile attempts. Or was it Mourinho.

In their latest game the reds, playing against Sunderland-won the game 1-0, the winning goal being scored by Christian Benteke. The side-footer which came after half-time was the solo goal scored by the Belgian and helped the team scoop victory at the stadium of light. In simpler terms the team was ultimately saved by the effort of the Belgian and lifted their position to the seventh position in the Premier League standings. It was a breath taking game with the season half gone. Benteke had come in for Origi, the only change in the game.

The shot has raised the position of the team to seven in the Premier League current standings. This was pretty good to win on boxing-day though no player loves deserting his kin on Christmas to play. This gives the team a lifeline to as better start on the second half of the season.

Meanwhile, the nineteen- year- old striker, Jerome Sinclair may leave the club soon since his contract has expired. The situation has worsened due to change of agents he has recently had. Aidy Ward, who engineered Raheem Sterling transfer from Anfield- is his new agent.This would mean that Klopp would be searching for a youthful replacement.

Liverpool will part with 7 million euros to attain services of Marco Grujic from Red Star Belgrade who will be leaving for Merseyside this week. However, since he will be remaining till the season is over, the reds will be receiving 1 million euros only. Grujic made his first debut when aged seventeen. He has scored five goals this term and also participated in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in New Zealand, playing for Serbia.

Jerome Sinclair may soon leave the club since his contract has expired. Due to the switching of agents he has currently had, the nineteen year old has complicated his situation. His new agent is the one who was behind the controversial transfer of Reheem Sterling, Aidy Ward.

The game of the team ended in a victory of 1-0 with frantic efforts by the Sunderland boys threatening to the end of the game. It was a good game saved from a deadlock and well-defended thus the Reds collected maximum points. This would in a big way boost their morale.

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