Discover Winter Fun Activity Programs With Turnersville NJ Kids Gym Classes For All Ages

By Tabatha Fickel

A gymnastics class teaches children many skills in addition to tumbling. Yes, the kids learn to do somersaults and cartwheels as well as basic movements such as stretching. However, they also learn to be sociable and to listen to instructions while attending class at Turnersville NJ Childrens Gym. All the learning is done while the child is having fun.

It is in the wintertime that children need to work off some of that wonderful energy kids are endowed with. The gym is a large, wide open space that offers so many possibilities. The young toddlers may enjoy taking a class alongside the parent. In that way she can explore new activities while still having the security of a mother or dad sharing the experience.

All possible safety precautions are taken. The classes are kept small enough for every child to receive lots of attention. They are never left unattended. No one is urged to perform an activity until he is ready. Encouragement is given freely as each child progresses.

A child who learns to enjoy physical activities will grow up to be an adult who enjoys exercise rather than dreads it. Anyone will benefit by getting exercise on a regular basis. Classes begin for toddlers and continue on through the teen years.

In the beginning classes children are grouped by age. They learn social skills and encourage each other as they go through the learning processes. Basic movements are taught, including stretching, running, hopping on one foot and skipping.

Under the tutelage of all certified instructors, each child is encouraged to learn how to perform new tumbling skills. Padded floor mats are used to avoid accidents. Classes teach increasingly advanced skills as the children grow older.

Kids learn to control the way their bodies move which readies them for team sports in school. Children who take these classes are more flexible and coordinated than those who do not. The youngest child takes classes that simply focus on fun.

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