Why You Should Choose To Retire In Boynton Beach, Florida

By Jony Mozen

Boynton Beach is a city in Palm Beach County Florida. The area was first settled in 1894 by Nathan Smith Boynton and other settlers he had brought along from Michigan. He was impressed by the natural beauty of the pristine beaches and the year round sunshine. He built the Boynton Hotel, which carried through until 1925. The city has managed to retain some of the old Florida charm as a community, which has many retirees and a diverse community of people of all ages. The local economy is driven by retail, tourism and real estate.

There are many good reasons for retiring in this city. One reason why seniors can choose to retire in Boynton Beach is the absence of state income tax, inheritance tax and estate tax. This is particularly beneficial for people who are living on a fixed income.

The climate of this city is also pleasant. The average high temperature the summer is 81 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average yearly winter temperature is a comfortable 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the sun is hot in the summer months, you can carry out outdoor activities like dog walking, walking or biking early or late in the day when the sun is not that hot. Indoor activities like shopping and running errands can be done in the middle of the day.

The other benefit of choosing to live in Boynton Beach after retiring is that there are many places to shop. The city has many well situated shopping malls that provide a pleasant shopping experience. It also has many department stores and specialty stores.

As you get older, it is important to stay active because this will keep you happier and healthier. You can enjoy a wide array of choices of entertainment options in this city. It has pleasant white sandy beaches on three municipal parks. Since this city is centrally located, you can easily access many museums, parks and theaters.

Apart from walking around its pleasant beaches, seniors can engage in activities like fishing, playing golf, water sports, boating and biking. They can also visit the library, which is located in the city center. Various recreation centers that offer many kinds of entertainment opportunities to people of all ages are also easily accessible.

The city also has many housing opportunities for retirees including high rise apartments, which are close to the beach. It also has many types and styles of affordable retirement communities. If you are one of the seniors who prefer to stay in a well run assisted living or independent retirement community, you will find many communities that have the ambience and features you are looking for. These facilities offer all the services you may want at this stage of life. Many health care facilities are also available, meaning that you can find medical assistance easily.

Choosing to spend your retirement years in Boynton Beach is also wise because this city is a great vacation destination. The family members and friends of seniors will love visiting them particularly during the winter season if they reside in the north. Getting to or from this city by air is also easy because there are direct flights to many locations in the United States. By choosing to retire in this city, seniors can live close to the things that make life more pleasant.

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