Types Of Seedboxes

By Wanda Rosner

A seedbox is a virtual private or dedicated server which is used to share the torrent file or commonly known as seed files. The torrent file once created, downloaded and it starts running in a torrent client, the torrent starts downloading from everyone seeding the file. What the seed does is share the torrent file to put less pressure on the bandwidth on the server. You can simply connects this with a website that you visit with high downloads; you do find the download speeds affected due to the traffic in the website.

There are different types of seedboxes available for every operating system. If you are about to use the seedboxes then you have the option to choose from the seedbox for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. there are number of websites that provide seed hosting services and you can choose from them.

A seedbox is a high speed server that is used mostly for torrent downloads and uploads. It is a type of hosting server that might not be needed by various internet users, where it is mandatory for other users. There are a lot of reasons why people use the seedbox. Most of them use it for fast download, nowadays people love to download music and movie files from the internet.

If you are running a seedbox VPS where you want to have a check on the resources closely without wanting to spend a lot of money. You should go with 1GB ram minimum VPS with 4 CPU cores for a seedbox. The Quadra CPUs are more than enough for the desktop to run smoothly which individuals are not aware of and they will complain of the YPS being slow as they have ordered a custom VPS that had a lot of bandwidth, also had 1 GB RAM but only purchased two CPU cores.

The seedbox hosting will allow you to add up your own server, you will also be given full control and complete root access to your service. As there are number of websites available that provides you with dedicated seedboxes. You have number of options to choose from, if you are a windows user and want to opt for a windows seedbox package and you are looking for a seedbox for windows XP, windows 7 or any other. Other than the given windows if you want you can have your own ISO, for having your own customized setup.

The seedbox is generally used by people who want privacy of their identity, the person using this need to have a dedicated server. For private trackers it is necessary to have fast download speeds and fast upload speeds. The speed difference with the use of seedbox is beyond comparison.

There are seedboxes created only for special purposes like only for torrent specific software which includes the web interfaces of many popular clients like μtorrents, etc. Where some of the clients are found to offer web interface there are other clients which are found to offer mobile interface support too.

While looking to buy a seedbox, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Look for the seedbox that has an easy to use interface. Having a seedbox that is easy to use makes it easier for you to work on it. Also see that the seedbox you buy supports unlimited number of data transfer. The seedbox should have lots of space and capacity to store large amount of data. The seedbox should always have a check to the amount of resources being shared. Most of all always work with companies that provide you with a dedicated seedbox hosting.

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