Tips On Decorating Rustic Fireplace Mantels

By Nancy Harris

There many ways to festoon a place. Decorating a fireplace with antique works made from wood, stone and art usually guarantees you a classy masterpiece in the beautification. When the cold sets in, surely, nothing beats the warmth and comforting glow that a hearth illuminates in a room. Rustic fireplace mantels should therefore be a combination of warmth, beauty, and style that reflects an individuals taste and character.

Since the main aim is to have a rustic feeling, old seasoned timber is one the best way to achieve it. Naturally, the wood looks tough and rough from the patterns and the cuttings made. When polished, the wood is preserved but leaves the look intact. Therefore, it makes the hearth mantle look old achieving the desired look.

Any earthly looks tend to make a hearth look aged. The stone and bricks made mantles that can be of different patterns or arrangement giving them that rough look. The masonry of the mantle may be made by cementing or arranging of the bricks on to one another. The stones may be irregular shaped, regularly, rough edged or smooth among many other looks that can available.

Art is the second best language human understands. Therefore, art and pictures usually have a lot sentimental value to us. The art and pictures that are hanged on a hearth mantle determine the look and the feel of the place. Old, less colorful and unfinished art or paintings have much of effect in turning a fireplace look old rustic.

The mantel color and painting technique can be helpful in making a fireplace be rustic in the look. By using different types of paint color like vintage red stained oak and a rough painting technique gives the mantle a more traditional look. Once polished, the wood or wall would reflect an old age that is more rough and tough.

Sculptures and ornaments placed in a hearth mantle usually have a great effect in the look and feel of a mantle. Old age and unfinished sculptures inspire an impression of pre modern times to a place or thing. Therefore, having such aged sculptures would paint and impression of a mantel, unrefined to the eye. This includes wood carvings, metal sculptures and ornaments collected on the past.

One can make a mantle be more elegant and old looking by having icons to the theme you intent to have on. If one would want to decorate the mantle with a farmhouse theme, farm icons or sculptures should be used as the decorative items. A wild theme would incorporate wild colors and animal sculptures if not paintings.

Having known the basics to making the mantle seem old and rustic, one can be able to decide on what to pick up while decorating the fireplace. But it is also allowed for one to be creative since the decorating is much dictated by personal tastes and preferences. However, precautions are to be taken too to avoid over doing the decorations that would rather turn up to be mess.

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