Tips Before Starting Horse Riding Lessons Okotoks

By Paul Fisher

Children that mostly show an interest in riding are those that live on stables or regularly visit them. It can be worrying for parents when children want to start horse riding lessons okotoks when they are very young. Parents may feel that it is not safe or the children are not old enough.

Things to consider before taking a child to a riding school include age and maturity level. Though most experts consider age seven to be appropriate to start lessons, it is the parents who best know the child. Some children are very active with low concentration level and therefore sitting on them for five minutes is not possible. The child should be able to handle such a large animal as the horse.

It is also important to consider the physical stature of the child, for practicality reasons. Some children even at age seven are relatively short and it would be therefore difficult for them to mount and dismount from the horse or sit comfortably on the saddle.

There are mandatory rules and regulations that riders must adhere to before lessons. First is the attire, which includes boots, cap, and the general clothing. Special boots are available but some parents start off the children on trainers. Although this is acceptable its not ideal. However, it is practical to wait before buying the boots to ascertain if the child will really follow up on the lessons.

One thing that can save a child during a fall is a protective hat. Most schools do not allow any rider on a horse without a hat. It is recommended for one to buy their own hat and check that it fits properly and comfortably.

It is important to check the condition of the hat to ascertain if it has been involved in an accident and therefore request for an exchange. Its important to choose a hat that fits properly for comfort and safety; it is only by choosing a fitting one that you can be assured of your safety.

When riding, its wise to wear comfortable clothing as it is a physical exercise and will lead to sweating. Jeans should not be worn as they are stiff and heavy and will get uncomfortable when wet from sweat. Wearing Shorts will likely lead to chaffing of the legs as they constantly rub on the horse. Tops should be well fitting and comfortable but not tight to allow the arms to move. As one becomes an advanced rider, the rules on dressing are relaxed a bit to accommodate modern fashion but still maintain safety.

Rules and regulations are therefore there to ensure safety of the rider. Its very easy to have a fatal fall from a horse that can leave one disabled for life. For beginners especially, it is very important that they strictly follow these requirements. When one becomes an advanced rider then regulations on dressing are a bit relaxed but still safe. Trainers and schools are also covered by these rules in cases of accidents leading to lawsuits. When all the necessary conditions and requirements have been achieved then the parents can enlist their children in that first riding lesson.

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