Seedboxes - For Downloading And Uploading Torrents

By Armando Rod

There are different private torrent trackers available on the internet which is very difficult to get into. For completing the sign ups, you will have to be suggested by an individual inside the group. Also in some cases you are asked to complete an interview to make sure you understand what you are about to do.

There are a lot of protocols or steps that you have to follow. You will come to know about this once you enter the torrent sites. You have to maintain the upload download ratio to stay into the site. You have to make sure the amount of upload you make is the same as the amount of data you download from them. The seedbox has helped to bring an enormous improvement.

A seedbox is a private hosting server or a dedicated server that runs all the torrents that you can find on the internet. Once you start the torrent file and connect it to the swarm and let you download the file into the local disk. To download the file from the seedbox to your computer you can use any FTP and download it. Once the downloading is completed the seedbox starts the seeding automatically.

The seedbox itself helps you to maintain the ratio that you needs and makes it easier for you. The seedbox connects to the online world at a very high bandwidth allocation. This means not only you are allowed to download the torrents at high speed but you can also transfer the file to the person connected to you at very high speed.

Now, seedboxes allows you to download files at very high speeds. They are considered as data centres that have very fast connections to the internet. Seedboxes are available with a range of 100 mbits speed to 1 Gbits per second. The connection of the seedbox is so fast; it makes the hard disk capacity as the limiting factor, so the storage capacity must be very high.

Individuals use their personal computer and the bittorrent to download files on their computer, also seeding the files. But they don't want to keep their computer on constantly. It may cause problem for the computer or it might get damaged. Now seedboxes are always online so as soon as the downloading gets completed the seeding and uploading starts immediately and the people connected to it can download using it.

As the seedboxes stay connected for a longer time, more files can be uploaded which means your upload ratio will be much better. The seedbox is primarily used for uploading and downloading the torrents as well as a quality fast action to carry it out.

With the help of the seedboxes you will be able to use many more torrents then you generally use on your computer. The more is the torrent on your seedbox the more is the chances of people downloading from it and which in turn helps you to increase your upload ratio.

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