How To Keep Your Child Active With Ambler PA Kids Gymnastic Programs That Develop Skills And Confidence

By Rae Patricio

A child who is encouraged to be active is a happy and healthy child. Activity and physical development are part of a good gymnastics class. Learning new skills builds confidence and self-esteem. Each child progresses at a pace that is comfortable for him or her. Learning new skills and having fun are emphasized at Ambler PA Childrens Gymnastics.

Safety is the top priority in each class. The children do somersaults on rubber floor mats. They are carefully supervised every step of the way. They learn how to be polite to other children and how to wait for their turn. Any time a parent has a concern or question they are able to discuss it with the coach after class.

Classes are offered to tots age ten months to five years of age. They are introduced to the atmosphere in the gym. They are able to develop coordination and strength at an early age. The importance of physical fitness through activity is instilled in each child. Learning is easy when it is presented in a fun-filled and interesting way.

This is a sport with grace and beauty built in. Fine motor skills are developed. Each new skill develops self-confident children with good work ethics. They see the results of repetition and learn social skills as part of a group interested in the same things.

The tumbling classes focus on the performance of the floor exercise which is part of competitions. They work on skills that apply to cheerleading, dancing as well as front and back handsprings, aerial cartwheels and walkovers. The work is done on floor mats and trampolines.

Young children love to have a birthday party that involves gymnastics. All kids are well-supervised and encouraged to try basic tricks. They may do somersaults or walk on a floor-level balance beam. It is exciting to see all the equipment in the gym. After those activities there is a time for serving birthday cake and opening gifts before the end of the party.

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