How A Kent WA Chiropractor Helps With Low Back Pain

By Clinton Arnhold

Back pain is one of the most common ailments. Back movement involves several complex body systems. If you are tired of enduring back pain, there is a Kent chiropractor who can help relieve your pain safely and naturally. There is no need to live in pain.

The skeletal system alone is uniquely complex with vertebrae and discs. Add to this the network of nerves that can be affected by the skeletal structure of the back. Now add the muscles, ligaments and tendons that interact with the spinal structure every time you sit, stand, bend over or pick up an object.

The most common type of back pain is lower back pain. The pain may be caused by injury, trauma, age, fitness, a medical condition or any combination thereof. Chiropractors use spinal adjustments to naturally reduce the inflammation and the swelling associated with pain. This provides pain relief and helps the body heal.

A combination of rest and exercise as recommended by your chiropractor should be followed. Do not exercise to the point of pain. Pain is the warning system the body uses and you should respect it. Rest and apply heat and ice intermittently. Heat relaxes the muscles and frequently makes the body feel better.

Frequently chiropractic care is in conjunction with physical therapy. Many chiropractor have a physical therapist in their office. The process is interactive and increases body awareness. Technology has provided many new modalities for pain relief.

Ultrasound is being used more and more to relieve pain. The ultrasound is applied at the site of the pain. The warm ultrasound waves penetrate the skin and move into the soft tissue affected by the pain. Most patients report some immediate relief, and additional sessions can improve the results.

Chiropractic care is always non invasive and does not use prescription medication. Chiropractors appreciate the ability of the body to heal itself. They teach their patients how to live without low back pain.

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