Dedicated Seedbox- Torrenting Just Got Easier

By Jamal D White

There are a lot of reviews heard about the seedboxes and it has become very popular among the Torrent Users. It is a high speed network that once installed will help you to get a huge boost in the rate of transfer or the uploading and downloading of the torrents file. The seedbox is very easy to handle as you can operate them through any browser by being at any part of the world. You should not think that the work of the seedbox limits only to enhance the speed of the torrent transfers done using it.

Any person, who mostly looks to transfer large amount of files and data from one place to another or download the same within a very short period of time can use the seedboxes. Many internet users have been able to hold an account with the most demanded torrent tracking service providers just by using the seedboxes.

First and foremost is the speed. The seedbox accounts allows you to download files at a speed of 100 Mbits and faster. Such type of connection is really very fast, the speed increases to around 1000 mbps. Allowing, you to download large torrent files within few seconds or in minutes.

Downloading is very fast, you just have to load the torrent on the seedbox account and in a matter of time the downloading will be completed. For example you can download an average MP3 in few seconds, download a completed movie in 2-3 minutes. Along with this the upload speed is also almost the same.

There is a connection between the dedicated seedbox and a speed network that help to transfer file at a minimum speed of 100mbs and more. Various FTPs are used by the seedboxes to help for the uploading of files from a torrent user from your seedbox. You can also download these file from the seedboxes directly to your computer at a very high speed.

Unlimited bandwidth seedbox enables you to prevent the month to month allocation of you internet connection. The traffic you get does not add up to the data utilization that your ISP can reveal. Internet service providers impose data capping as their reasonable utilization coverage to ensure all people using their services gets the same reliability of services. However, individuals using making heavy data usages like to avoid capping. Having seedboxes prevents you from capping and its effects.Seedboxes also are very helpful when your ISP is influencing your P2P traffic, offering a choice to outsmart your ISP.

There are many benefits of using the dedicated seedbox, for example you get to find great speed. The speed of file sharing using the seedbox is what faster then what the home based internet does. It gives you instant downloading facilities with unlimited bandwidth allocation in the uploading of files too. The dedicated seedbox are also beneficial in terms of costs and performance, which is a problem with the users who do not use seedboxes.

The seedboxes allow you upload and download huge amounts of data without making much use of the home based internet. The seedbox helps to prevent ISP capping as they include any ISP account details. The seedboxes are often considered more safe and secured as they don't have any copyright issue which is a case with the Bittorrent users.

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