Learn About Parent And Child Gym Programs With Turnersville NJ Kids Gym Classes For All Ages

By April Madrid

People realize that children find it hard to sit still. They are happiest when they are active. In gymnastics children learn social skills as they learn somersaults and cartwheels. Even the youngest can participate in the fun. There are classes suitable for every age child from preschool to teens at Turnersville NJ Childrens Gymnastics.

Parents can sit on the sidelines and watch as preschool age children take classes. Structured lessons are conducted by a qualified instructor. Along with gymnastics, the children are taught to follow directions. For example, they have to learn to wait their turn as each one performs a cartwheel or front walkover.

These skills are age appropriate and focus on the success of each child at each skill level. As they progress to the classes for older children, their physical development is improved and encouraged. The older children have separate gymnastics skills taught to them based on gender.

Girls receive instructions on the four events women compete in. There is the balance beam, the vault, the uneven parallel bars and floor exercise. Flexibility and strength are basic skills needed for the girls at this level.

The boy who plans on entering competition must train in six events. They also compete in floor exercise as girls do. In addition they do high bar, parallel bars and pommel horse. A high level of control is required to perform on the still rings.

Goals are set by each child at the beginning of each course. The youngest will be hard at work perfecting their somersaults and their first cartwheels. Since not everyone is interested in entering competitions, only those who are set extremely high goals.

Some classes are purely for fun. One of these is trampoline. Safety is the highest priority in these classes. Those who want to prepare for cheerleading will learn tumbling skills, the back handspring for example. Whether taking classes for fun or competitive goals, they provide safe and structured physical activity which is an advantage for anyone at any age.

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