Jiu Jitsu Classes In New Jersey

By Mattie Knight

Arguably one of the most popular and widely used martial arts in the world today is Jiu Jitsu because it is an art that is extremely useful in mixed martial arts tournaments. Of course it was due to this sudden wave of popularity that jiu jitsu classes in New Jersey are offered to outsiders. Now if one would go for these kinds of lessons, then here are at least a few things to take note of.

Just like in any sport, it is very important to first condition the body before going on to the techniques. The whole essence of wrestling would lie within the flexibility of the body because one would need flexible muscles to switch from one lock to another. So in order to gain this flexibility, it is important to do a lot of stretching exercises.

After learning that, one will then learn the proper way to grip. Usually when one would execute a lock, he will be trying to hold his arm with his other hand the same way he would hold a baseball bat. However, this would make him let go faster. Instead, he must assume a cupping position with his hand and use that position to hold his arm.

Now when it comes to techniques, the very first lesson that one would be learning is the basic stance. When it comes to this martial art, there are three positions that one can be in so that he can engage the opponent. These three are the regular fighting stance, the guard stance, and the mount.

Now the regular stance is basically a stance wherein the practitioner would bend his both legs like a normal wrestling stance. The second one is known as the guard which is one of the primary stances of any practitioner of this art since it is the art that would pave way for a lock. In order to assume the guard, one simply just has to lie on his back, put his legs up and also put his arms up.

Now for those who do not know how to apply the guard stance, basically one just has to lie on his back and slightly lift his legs and arms. If he has assumed this stance, then he can actually throw a triangle choke, armbar, or a headlock easily. The guard does have one loophole though which is known as the full mount.

For those who do not know what the full mount is, it is a stance wherein one is sitting on the stomach of his opponent. This is a dangerous position for the opponent to be in because one has the full control with the legs of the opponent immobilized. In this position, a lot of mixed martial artists would already go for a ground and pound or one can actually turn this into a headlock.

So for those who are mixed martial arts fans, this art is definitely a must try. Jiu Jitsu is in fact a very big thing in Mountainside, NJ and is very popular among the public. So if one would want to join a good school, this place is a great place to join one.

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