Discover Ireland With Award Winning Book

By John Bolton

Wouldn't it be wonderful to just take off and visit places all over the world, whenever you wish? This dream is shared by millions of people but unfortunately most cannot even leave their own country. However, thanks to an amazing book, you can go to Ireland any time you like, and see it through the eyes of a well-known NY travel photographer. This may be the next best thing to actually being there.

Open the book and you'll be greeted by a most unusual image. It is a grotesque type figure which adorns many castles and churches in Europe. This strange woman is called a sheela na gig and no one seems to know from whence she came and what she is doing in Ireland today.

Some people will tell you the sheela na gig is there to bring good luck. Maybe it scares away evil spirits. She first appeared in the 1100s in the countries of France and Spain. Before long she was all over Europe. Even though you may never know exactly what she is doing, she will hypnotize you with her presence and bring you one step closer to the past.

Check out the landscape in Ireland and you will see why this is known as the "Emerald Isle" All over the countryside, various shades of green come out to meet you, whether you travel over land, sea, or make your way through a misty glen in the fog. You'll be wanting to see more of this amazing country.

Perhaps you would like to see an Irish rainbow streaking across the blue-gray sky. Through the mist and fog you can faintly see large hills in the background and the fertile green ground below. Follow the rainbow with your eyes and there could be a pot of gold at the end.

A beautiful travel book is your passport to Ireland. Discover a world of adventures just waiting for you. Each time you open this book you'll see things you never saw before and you'll want to go there over and over again.

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