What Dna Activations Is All About

By Lelia Hall

The evolution or progress of a human is actually inside of a bunch of small strands known as deoxyribonucleic acid or to simply put, DNA. Now this substance is the one thing that will give a human its characteristics when it comes to his physical, emotional, and mental state of being. Now if he would want to reach a higher plain of consciousness, then one way to do that would be through DNA activations.

Now the techniques that would be dealt here would basically help humans in three general aspects in their life namely the mental area, the emotional area, and the physical area. Obviously with the physical area, he will become healthier and will have less sicknesses. With the mental and emotional states, one will actually get knowledge faster and will actually have a more stable emotional well being.

Now the secret here is that all of the humans actually do have the ability to have all of these traits. Now another secret is that not everyone can activate all these traits. The reason behind that is that not everyone knows how.

Now basically, in the DNA of every living human being, there is actually twelve strands that would give humans all their characteristics. In most humans, ten of those strands are actually not awakened because they belong to a so called multidimensional energy spectrum. If one were to activate these twelve strands, then he would be able to activate twelve dimensions of consciousness and would awaken his full potential as a human.

According to the activations concept, one can only complete his evolution if these twelve strands are already activated wherein he will not be such a dense matter anymore. Of course he will then be able to use the universal energy around everyone freely. This type of level of consciousness can be said to be equal to the level of enlightenment that the famous Gautama Buddha has been telling to his followers since long ago.

In this age, most of the people around can only actually awaken just three or even just two strands of the twelve. Now as one knows, humans are exposed to different external factors everyday that would actually mutate the genes of most humans. So in reality, one actually has the ability to be able to activate the twelve strands because he is actually a co creator of the universe and can manipulate reality.

Of course this would also relate to the fact that so many people would feel emotional and mental stress these days. Scientifically, the second and third strands are the ones controlling the emotional and mental state of mind. So if one would be able to activate the fourth, fifth, and until the twelfth, then he will not feel the emotional and mental stresses that he is probably feeling as of now.

So if one is interested in learning how to awaken the sleeping strands, learn this method. There are a lot of techniques that will be taught here. Taking up a seminar will help one know about these techniques.

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