Know Your Favorite Horrific Movie With This Daily Dread Review

By Lena Stephenson

Is horror your favorite movie genre? There are so many horror titles in the market that are great thrillers. Hollywood has really pushed us to the edge by delivering nerve cracking horror titles at their best. To those who love a shot of daily dread, lets us look at The Exorcist, a horrific movie that has shone over years.

The 1973 horror release was a revision of a novel written by Peter Blatty in 1971 bearing the same name. The novel itself was motivated by an exorcism story in 1949 that involved Ronald Doe. The movie is all about of a desperate mother trying to rid her teenage girl of a demon that has taken hold of her. She is assisted by two priests in her quest.

The movie was released in December 1973 by Warner Bros and went on to earn ten academy award nominations. It indeed won the best sound mixing and best adapted screenplay categories. It was named the scariest film of all time in United Kingdom and USA.

The movie starts with a catholic priest called Lankester Merrin in an archeological excavation in Iraq. As he goes along with his work, he finds an amulet that resembles Pazuzu statute, which was a demon that he defeated several years before. At once, he realizes the demon is on a revenge mission.

We are also taken to one Chris Mac Neil, a famous actor who lives in Washington with her daughter. In the movie, she plays Ouija board with the teen daughter called Regan. She is about 12 years of age. Out of the blues, Regan starts behaving funny. She starts making deafening sounds, uses obscene language, and becomes overly strong. She even continually shakes her bed much to the horror of her mother.

Chris, her mother, seeks medical attention for her daughter. After several painful tests, the doctors conclude that she is okay. Little do they know that Pazuzu the demon has taken over her body. Her condition worsens culminating to her killing the acting director called Burke Dennings and the babysitter at night. The government brings in a detective, Kinderman, to probe these murders. Kinderman interviews both Chris and another priest who had lost faith by the name Karras.

Doctors conclude that Regan is demon possessed and can only be cured by exorcism. This new information prompts Chris to seek help from the backsliden priest, Karras. Karras at first refuses to perform exorcism but later changes mind when he finds writing on Regans stomach asking for help and listens to a recording where she talks in reverse. Merrin, the priest joins in.

The two priests try in vain to exorcise the demon as the demon plays with their minds. Pazuzu insults Karras late mother. Karras is dismissed after sometime. Merrin trys exorcism alone. However, Karras gets in and realizes that Merrin is dead. He pleads with Pazuzu to leave Regan and possess him instead. He sacrifices himself by throwing himself out of the window. Karras dies of head injuries therefore banishing Pazuzu away again. Regan recovers after some few days and goes back to Washington. Kinderman the cunningly becomes her friend in a bid to unravel the cause of Karras death. This is an interesting story that you should watch.

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