Is A Woman A Superior Car Salesperson?

By George Dodson

As long as most of us can remember, car salesmen have a reputation for being slick and dishonest. The trickery and deceptiveness of car salesmen have been brought out in such movies as Used Cars, and The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Of course any car dealerships have done little to counter that perception. For a long time, car salesmen have been earning their bread by how many cars they sale. If there were no sales, then there was no way that you could earn a living therefore making it necessary to find it by any means.

Over a long period of time, the old adage Let the buyer beware has been in use. The thing behind this was that you had to lookout for your own interests while searching for your car.

Though most car salesmen are not what they are perceived to be, there are enough of this type that should make you wary when looking for your car. Car salesman come in all shapes and sizes. Some are smooth talkers. Others give it to you straight. There are others that don't tell if not asked. It is also true that there are also a breed of women car salesmen as well. Are women better car salesmen than men?

It is true, that many women dread the idea of having to go look for a car and deal with a car salesman. Though, they might change their minds if the salesman turns out to be a woman. The reason behind this is that they trust the woman salesman to be empathetic.

In addition to this, women tend to exhibit a softer tendency of approach. That tends to draw people in rather than send them off running. And in many cases, this is led to far more sales to women. Women are just better listeners. Women want to be listened to. For this, women prefer women too men.

Another consideration is the put down most women feel when the male salesman says "shouldn't your husband me with you?" With women salesman, you're not going to get that. They assume that you know what you're doing when you come to their car lot by a car. These women have also gone through this hence know what you are going through there an then.

Women trust other women. They feel that they understand them much better. Empathy is crucial in sales. Sales is all about emotions and women are more emotional than men.

A lot of men are okay dealing with women salesmen. They aren't intimidated by a women salesmen as they assume they know more. This comes at an advantage to women salesmen especially the honest ones who do a good days job and get a day's pay.

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