Dealing With Menopause And Slow Metabolism

By Leslie Ball

Rate of burning calories declines with increase with age in women. Dealing with the issue is a bit tricky especially for the elderly. The reason as to why metallic rate slows down is mainly as a result of reduction in the level of estrogen. This is a component that helps burn down excess calories. Below are ways of dealing with menopause and slow metabolism.

To control the metabolic rate when at this age, women need to keep fit. Dawdling rate of calorie burning is as a result of inactivity. This causes increase in weight. Increase in weight on the other hand would lead to obesity. That is why it is necessary for older women to carry out regular workout to control the situation. Without this then burning of the said fats in the body will not take place. This is because of resting.

Work-outs are of great benefits for those women of have hit menopause. After attaining at the age of forty five and above as many would say women lose muscle mass. On top of that their oestrogen levels drops drastically. This is where a person starts gaining weight. Engaging the muscle will help counter all these. This is to say that calisthenics are very important at that stage.

Ingesting a smaller amount of calories is significant as well. This does not imply that women should not take sufficient foods. What it implies is the fact that women should maintain an average of 1200 calories in a year. Do not take less than the recommended amount. This will drop the metabolic pace by far. Slowing is another trouble which is dangerous for their bodies.

Another important thing to do when dealing with the issue is considering fibre. Fibre rich foods are very essential for losing or maintaining weight. It includes foods as legumes, whole grains, and vegetables just to mention a few. This plays a very important role in the body of an aging woman.

If you really do not understand what are associated with this stage in a woman, consult. Lower metabolic rate could possibly lead to some diseases as heart diseases and hypertension. These are very dangerous ailments that results from excess fats in a body. These fats lead to overweight issues and thus result to these diseases. When trying to avert the issue, consultations are very indispensable.

Consuming victuals rich in protein content is highly suggested. The main reason as to why people should go for these foods is that they require a lot more energy to break down. Energy will be thus needed in the body. This will be generated by metabolizing excess calories in a body.

The tips mentioned above are important when women have attained age of forty five. This will help them understand the reasons behind slowed metabolic rates. They will go a long way to understand its implications. Understanding its consequence will enable change in behavior and lifestyle. This will reduce chances of effects of reduction in levels of oestrogen. Therefore women should put into practice each of these.

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