What Is An Alcoholic

By Dave A

Alcohol Abuse and Ways to Finally Stop It

A lot of people who abuse alcohol understand the reasons why they need to quit drinking, but the how continues to puzzle even this most diligent person among us. It is either you are liable for something that happened or have been fired many times. Perhaps your partner has left you or your family is tired of your behavior. All reasons why you must look at your drinking and seriously consider stopping.

People who believe they abuse alcohol are frequently right. However, admitting it is much easier than doing something about it. Denying it won't change the fact that there is a problem.

It will certainly be a lot easier if alcoholics could just buy Magic Pills to cure themselves. Or perhaps a hypnotist to 'reprogram' your need for liquor. Wouldn't a time machine be great, go back in time before you had a problem and refrain from that first drink?

Yes, lots of people will fail if they do not quit drinking in a considered, methodical way.

Admitting that you should quit drinking alcohol is the first step.

It could help if you jot down all of the reasons you could think of to quit drinking liquor. Write down each and every reason you could think of. Be sure and include anyone you hurt, how humiliated you are, and any damage you have done. Put this paper in a safe place so that you could read it when you need to expel any hesitation that your must give up drinking liquor.

If you need more convincing then think of the money you can save if you stop going to bars and buying alcohol. With the legal fees, you could bring home your whole salary. Do the math when you check your budget and credit card statements. Alcohol abuse is harmful in a lot of aspects - physically, mentally and financially.

This kind of truthful introspection is something you will have to get used to in order to come to terms with your life and recover fully. You will know when it is the right time to quit.

Set a Doctor's Appointment

A physician will evaluate the damage you've done to your body. The physician can also evaluate how you should quit drinking. You might need hospitalization and medical supervision, or you may be able to go it alone.

Tell People (who understand)

Telling people you trust that you would quit drinking alcohol could also help since they would understand and help you. If they really care about you then they would help you.

Find Meetings

12 Step Meetings is a great place to meet others who have experienced the same thing you are going through. Start by searching for 12 Step Meetings around your neighborhood. Various types of people with various kinds of problems attend different types of meetings. If you can't attend 90 meetings in 90 days then just try to go to as many meetings as you could. In these meetings, you will be given vital information on stopping.

Great job on getting to this point in your drinking career. Just continue to be determined and control the urge?live a life with no alcohol in your system.

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