Ways Of Avoiding Therapy Abuse

By Ines Flores

It is important to ensure healthy relationship between the client and the therapists as this is fundamental in promoting productive therapeutic processes. Therapy abuse refers to use unbalance power existing between the counselor and client to exploit, manipulate as well as control their client for personal gains rather than the interest of the client. This often occurs in divergent forms for example, abandoning the client, engaging into unethical conducts, encouraging dependency among others.

This can occur in different forms such as where the client is encouraged into doing activities which are not at the best of their interest. Where they encourage dependency, takes advantage of their vulnerability, abandoning clients and engaging in unethical conducts with their clients.

During this process, counselors are viewed to be having significant influence on their clients and their information is often taking with a lot of interest. That is, their opinions are respected and followed with little criticism. In some instances, they are viewed as parents especially by individuals who had previously faced neglect and child abuse. They often accept, validate and approve these opinions and replace them with those which they did not receive during their early years. It can also be noted that such individuals are at higher risks than their counterparts.

It is important to note that in the therapeutic process the counselee have significant influences on their clients making the relationship between the therapists and the clients. In most cases, client respects their opinions and follows the guidance of counselor. Most individuals perceive such service providers as parents especially those who experienced abuse or neglect and child abuse. They approve, accept and validate opinion as it replaces those they did not receive during childhood. In addition, adults who had previously experienced childhood abuse are at higher risk of abuse during therapeutic process.

Their power is significantly influences clients. Therefore, might offer a long lasting damage or recovery plan. These abuses regularly occur and most of the instances go unreported. It is important to note that the process might negatively affect the client leading to suicidal attempts and hospitalization of the victims.

One can recognize whether they are at risk of being a victim of such abuse. For instance, if something seems off, you need to trust your instinct and seek an alternative therapeutic assistance. When you have realized that your therapist seems to be unprofessional, humiliating, degrading, intimidating, making suggestive, sexual or erotic comments among others.

It is important to seek professional assistance when faced with such challenges such as being abused. You can talk to your parents, spouse, friends as well as family members. They also need to seek services from online data bases to access information about the best individuals and organizations. You need to file complain or a legal suit as well as contacting the police. Through this one will able to report the issues or challenges faced in such situations.

In case of such problems individuals need to engage persons who will not worsen their situations. This can include talking to parents, relatives, spouse and friends. Should also seek information from online data bases to find out appropriate organizations and individual whom they can reports such eventualities. In addition, you can file complain through the board, legal suit or contacting the police. These will effective assist in ensuring that the process yields the expected outcome. Selecting individuals who are professionally trained and are licensed to provide such services will produce the expected outcome.

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