Top Job Opportunities For Veterans In 2015

By Ines Flores

Exiting military service is another opportunity to engage in lucrative civilian work. The list released by employment analysts details the top ranked job opportunities for veterans in 2015. Remuneration is excellent on top of the chance to meet personal goals. Your military training is an advantage compared to other civilians.

Management Consultant- management required discipline and procedure that is emphasized in the military. At the management level, it is your responsibility to provide solutions without breaking the law. You also are expected to analyze systems and identify weaknesses that exist as well as propose solutions. For these responsibilities, the least you will make in a year is 98,000 dollars.

IT Project Manager- an IT office and military unit are similar in that a junior can step in for his senior and vice versa. The manager is required to design and develop solutions towards a certain end. There are deadlines to be met with a lot of instructions to follow. These attributes are emphasized in military training. As a manager, you will be taking home over 96,000 dollars per year.

Aviation Management- soldiers who worked in the air wing department stand a better chance managing civilian installations. The salary range is around 84,000 dollars where the expectation is to design, research and execute programs for the aviation industry. Some soldiers have made it big as aviation industry consultants. Your experience will be crucial when testing projects before commissioning.

Business Development Manager- the management level position requires a person with an aura of leadership and respect around him. It requires relationship building to manage large units effectively. Employers will pay at least 77,100 and increase the amount depending on experience.

Intelligence Analyst- it involves perusing through tones of data from different bureaus and identifying potential threats to the security of Americans. The analyst remains within the security environment and is favored because of his first hand experience in military work. The least you will make is 73,000 dollar for a year as you go up the ranks.

Electrical Engineering- the role suits soldiers who were deployed in weapon development, navigation units, electric systems and related areas. Their experience and expertise is valuable to public utilities, government agencies and private engineering firms. Depending on the employer, the salary begins at 72,000 dollars annually.

Software Developer- the job fits ex-soldiers who understand programming languages, coding and IT related mathematical concepts. IT is for problem solvers, an attribute that is emphasized in the military. Based on your responsibilities and employer, expect to earn 70,800 dollars a year.

Operations Management- the principle responsibility of an operations manager is to ensure efficiency in service delivery or production. Military men are trained to be efficient and solve problems quickly. You stand an incredible chance of earning anywhere between 65,000 and 110,000 dollars in a year for managing operations in different sectors.

The academic requirements for the above positions are lenient with priority being given to veterans. Your credentials in the military are an added advantage. They are considered a supplement to the diploma, degree or certificate. There are numerous consultancy opportunities where you work on your own.

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