Praying To Our Creator Is Great

By Beryl Dalton

Every young person around knows that there could possibly be a great being who is living within the sky that is very powerful. Their parents have also taught them that praying to our creator will change a person's path in life at any given time. The people who are atheists do not believe in God and no one can convince them that this spirit exists.

Every single person in this society wants to have more money than they can spend and this may never become a reality. Sometimes a load of cash can really help someone to pay off their credit card bills and other expenses that may exist. Many of the preachers in America advise their followers to only pray for things that are necessary and not materialistic.

When someone wants to say thank you to their holy God they may in fact kneel down and bow their heads. This is the most common form that church members take whenever they are attending a service on Sunday. Human beings who long for company might find themselves attending a certain house of worship over the weekend. They are always able to find a new love interest at this particular place.

A woman living in Georgia truly believes that God helped to get her a very decent husband. Each and every night before going to bed this particular lady would ask this higher spirit to bring her a man to love. After doing this deed for quite a long time she was finally able to meet a male who eventually married her. The two of them have been together for over twenty years and they are very happy.

One teenage boy living in California wanted bad things to happen to the children who attended his school. All throughout the school year a certain group of students would bully him and take all of the money he had. Unfortunately no adult stepped in to help this troubled young man and therefore he plotted his revenge. He felt that God and his teachers had let him down in every possible way.

On a sunny morning the victimized student went into his school and shot several people dead. Later on he told the police that God and the other voices told him to commit this very horrible crime. After a long trial the young boy was placed in a mental hospital and this has now been his home for many years.

An American male was not able to support his family in the best possible way and he feared that they would become homeless. This man had never believed in God until he entered into a Catholic church one fine Sunday morning. He had then accepted the spirit of God into his life and his entire attitude changed towards the world.

The event did him a world of good and it helped to change his attitude towards people and the world in which he lived. He felt a great spirit go through his body while attending the church event. It only took a short period of time before his luck changed and he finally obtained a great deal of money.

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