Looking For Therapy Danvers MA Offers Many Choices

By Olivia Cross

A therapist can work to assist in the physical sense. This would be true of someone who has been disabled and needs a physical therapist to help restore physical abilities. A psychiatrist may offer therapy in the form of prescription medication to an individual with a serious mental disorder. When someone needs psychological therapy danvers ma is a good location in which to look for a counselor.

Only psychiatrists can write prescriptions for medication. Drugs are available to control numerous disorders. A person who is out of touch with reality has a severe mental condition. This is a psychotic condition which is extremely serious.

Drug therapy combined with counseling can control some of these conditions. Often the drugs will have side effects that the patient finds unpleasant. Some calm the individual so much that he has no interest in life. He may then stop taking his drugs and lapse back into the psychotic state.

Prescriptions can help illnesses other than psychoses. If someone is bipolar, a condition that was formerly called manic depressive disorder, the medicine can allow him to live a normal life. Unfortunately, the individual might not continue to take the drugs and regress.

A great many disorders can strike a person. Bipolar disease, for one example, can have a person in a wild, manic state at one time and deeply depressed the next. It may turn into a cycle of excessive activity first, and a depression second. That is why it used to be called manic depressive disorder.

A psychologist provides help for a wide range of disorders. It can be the bipolar individual or the person with a problem as relatively simple as fear of flying. Kleptomania is an addiction to shoplifting and some wealthy people are affected by it as well as those in the middle class. The disorder has nothing to do with financial need.

Trichtillomania is a disorder in which the afflicted person pulls out his or her hair on a regular basis. There is also obsessive compulsive disorder, which compels a person to repeat a behavior over and over. An example is someone so focused on cleanliness that he will wash his hands twenty-five times a day. Agoraphobia makes it difficult to impossible for a person to leave the home.

Psychologists also provide counseling for troubled marriages and those who have been the victim of a violent crime. Bereavement counseling can ease the pain when a loved one is lost to death or divorce. A dog can be as precious as a family member. When the dog dies, the owner can suffer an intense sense of loss.

No emotional problem should be considered insignificant. If it is detrimental to the individual counseling may be indicated. Some people suffer great emotional distress over the loss of a pet dog or cat. All can be helped to deal with a problem that causes stress.

Most therapists hold a doctorate in psychology or education. They may practice one or more different types of therapy. There is Freudian theory and the teachings of Jung. A psychologist may tailor a course of treatment depending on the needs of the patient. Cognitive behavioral therapy takes a practical approach. Psychoanalysis is a long course of treatment and not often used nowadays. A qualified counselor will have professional credentials, either a PhD or a Masters degree in a related field.

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