How You Can Use A Flower Wreath

By Katina Brady

Different events in life and milestones can be celebrated in different ways. Decorations are often a way to signify such events and a flower wreath is usually one such item of decoration. It can be seen almost everywhere from simple home decor to religious times of year to seasonal festivals. It is also commonly seen at funerals.

In festivals associated with nature, particularly during spring, these wreaths can be used as headpieces. One such festival is May Day, which is celebrated in different communities around the world. In Europe, the maypole is also an important part the festival for various reason. There is even a sport involving a garland covered in flowers, which is placed at the top of the pole and young boys from the community must race on another to reach the pole and climb it in order to win the floral crown.

Religious holidays or times of year is when this piece could be used as decoration, usually hanging on the front door to welcome visitors. No matter what the occasion, is there is a place for some type of wreath. At Easter time, wreaths don't have to be made of flowers, but could be made using objects such as plastic eggs to symbolize the occasion.

However to signify spring, flora of the season is best. Traditional spring time flowers include tulips, daffodils and also daisies. Towards the end of spring, flowers like pansies and violets appear. The beautiful, bright colours of all of these will make for a beautiful piece during this time.

At Christmas, a poinsettia decoration is the perfect way to adorn the home. Such a piece could be made completely from poinsettias, giving a burst of vibrant red, or they can be mixed with greenery for more of a balance. Also effective is to use a completely green wreath and strategically place two or three poinsettias for a pop of colour and an elegant finish.

Some flowers have, over the course of history, become associated with death. As such, these are the flowers that are often seen at funerals and in the form of wreaths. These flowers are often white and these include lilies and carnations. The colour of white is a symbol of purity and eternal life.

Some flora is chosen by scent and not by visual aesthetic when it comes to funerals. This is because long ago, dead bodies emitted a bad odour after a while and this smell needed to be masked as much as possible. These days, methods have been developed to preserve a body's condition until it is buried.

A garland like this can easily be bought at any flower shop, or ordered online. Alternatively, it can also be made using a few simple materials and little bit of patience and skill. Live flowers could be used, or they could be left to dry and then used to decorate. This is a good idea at a time like autumn. For a long lasting piece that could be used over and over, fake flowers are an excellent choice.

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