How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

By Dave A

Efficient Methods to Stop Alcohol Intake

A lot of alcoholics know the reason WHY they must stop the bad habit. What they truly do not know is HOW to do it. Its either you're liable for something that took place or have been fired lots of times. Its either you were left by your partner or abandoned by your family due to how you've been acting. Whatever your reason is, it is time to take a good look at yourself and finally be determined to stop drinking liquor.

Alcoholics usually know that they need to quit the bad habit. A lot of 'normal' individuals don't just wake up and say, "I think I should quit drinking." A lot of individuals who drink a lot know deep down inside that they have a problem.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a Magic Pill which made you stop drinking? Or maybe a hypnotist to 'reprogram' your craving for liquor. Wouldn't a time machine be nice, go back in time before you had a problem and refrain from that very first drink?

The truth of the matter is there is no quick and easy method. Learning to live a life with no liquor is the first thing you should do. The phase of craving for liquor could be lengthy and painful for some individuals. The great news is there are methods and tools that can help you succeed. Heavy drinkers require assistance through withdrawal and detox. So prior to stopping, ask for a physician's advice. For some individuals, the pain and discomfort is negligible. lots of alcoholics have gone through this a time or two on their own. Physically yearning for liquor is something one could go through for years. In order to be successful, you should get used to living a life without liquor. Just one of 1000 alcoholics stay sober for a couple of years. You can be that ONE if you're really determined.

Yes, a lot of individuals will fail if they do not quit drinking in a careful, disciplined way.

If you admit that you have to give up drinking alcohol then you are in the right path.

If you actually would like to stop drinking alcohol then you need to jot down each and every possible reason why you. Don't leave anything out, tell the whole story. Include those embarrassing times and the people you have physically and emotionally hurt. Put this paper in a safe place so that you could read it when you need to expel any doubt that your should give up drinking alcohol.

While you are at it, try to figure out how much liquor costs you: to buy, to go to clubs, in legal fees, and in lost wages. Make sure you have the numbers correct when you check your budget and credit card statements. Try to figure out how much alcohol is costing you not just physically, mentally, relationally but financially.

Truthfulness is crucial in order to succeed and completely recover from alcohol abuse. You would know when you are ready and committed to give up drinking alcohol.

Ask for Suggestions from a Medical Doctor

The damage done to your body is something only a medical doctor could evaluate. A medical doctor can also evaluate how you should quit drinking. There are two choices - do it on your own or be medically supervised in a hospital.

Telling Those You Trust Can be Helpful

If you need understanding and support throughout the process, tell people you trust that you will quit drinking liquor. If you need help, these individuals will be there for you.

Find Meetings

One place to be with individuals who have experienced what you are experiencing is the 12 Step Meetings. There is sure to be 12 Step Meetings where you live so try to find them. Different types of meetings for various types of individuals with various types of problems. Go to numerous meetings all around your area; as a matter of fact, you ought to attend ninety meetings in 90 days. These meetings would give you all of the information you need on how to give up drinking alcohol.

You would know that its worth it when you have reached this point. Now its time to begin a new life. One that does not include drinking liquor

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