Fun Family Card Games As A Means Of Education

By Ines Flores

Teaching your children basic skills and values, such as counting, waiting their turn, teamwork and being a good sport can be done in various ways. Playing fun family card games is merely one of them. Moreover, they are a fabulous way for a family to bond.

Television is a standard form of keeping people occupied when at home. However, many parents realize the need of providing alternate avenues of entertainment to children. This results in many families indulging in activities bringing all members together for fun and entertainment. Card games are one such kind of activity.

A rather popular card game played in households is called the Memory Game, or simply Pairs. Players are required to pair cards and memorize the ones they should pick from the deck. Hugely helpful in enhancing memory, kids also learn basic social etiquette and values through such games.

Another game amid this category of popular ones is one called Bluff. A simple game, this one helps sharpen the wits and also proved to be an enjoyable pastime. When played in teams, it builds coordination, and is especially fun as well as useful when family members play together.

If we are talking about sharpening of wits, Rummy cannot be left far behind. This one involves a certain amount of strategy and planning of moves in order to win. By being the first to make sets of 3 or more cards within the ones dealt, a player is declared the winner.

Kids also love playing Old Maid. This one also involves making pairs and the one left with the old maid, that is one of the four remaining queens, is the loser.

There are a host of other card games that can be both fun and educational for young children. However, apart from the benefits of each individual kind, the mere act of holding the cards in place is a great learning for young ones. It enables them to learn better gripping capabilities.

Keeping at least two or three decks of playing cards at home is actually not a bad idea. While being able to create a cozy family ambiance at the drop of a hat is certainly an advantage you get, having friends over can also be made more enjoyable. Rather than stepping out to go to a club or spend time doing other things, friends can choose to stay home and indulge in this alternate form of entertainment.

Apart from parents and children, grandparents can often be seen joining in the fun. This paves the way for closer interaction between the generations and creates a greater sense of connect between the ages. .

If one is planning a holiday, including a pack of cards may be a wise thought to ponder. Imagine a rainy afternoon on the beach of the villa you are vacationing at, and no indoor activity to keep the kids busy. A game of cards at that moment may just do the trick.

While fun family card games have the potential to keep both the elderly and the youth engaged for hours, they also provide the necessary avenue of bonding between generations. With a bit of tweaking when necessary, parents can turn the activity into a form of learning and education too.

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