Explanation Of Alcoholism Symptoms

By Dave Sober

Efficient Ways to Stop Intake of Alcohol

Though a lot of alcoholics know that they need to give up the bad habit, not knowing how to quit alcohol abuse is the reason why they can not quit drinking. Maybe you've made a huge legal mess or you have lost another job. Its either you were dumped by your spouse or abandoned by members of your family because of how you've been behaving. These are only some of the reasons why you have to be certain to give up alcohol abuse.

People who think they abuse alcohol are normally correct. However, admitting it is a lot easier than doing something about it. Many people who drink heavily know deep down inside that they have a problem.

If there is a Magic Pill to stop drinking, an alcoholic would definitely buy one. You could also be hypnotized to lessen or even eliminate your craving for liquor. A time machine could also work because you can go back to when you actually started drinking liquor.

But the fact remains that it is a lengthy and tough procedure. First, you need to learn how to live your life with no liquor. Some people will crave for liquor and this can be a long and painful stage. The good news is there are strategies and tools which can help you be successful. . Others will only experience slight physical pain. A lot of alcoholics have tried to stop once or twice in their lives. Physically craving for alcohol is something one can go through for years. You will not succeed if you do not learn to live a life with no alcohol. For every one thousand alcoholics, only one stays sober for at least 2 years. If you are determined enough then you can be that ONE.

Yes, many people will fail if they don't quit drinking in a considered, methodical way.

Admitting that you need to quit drinking liquor is the very first step.

It could help if you write down all the reasons you can think of to quit drinking liquor. No excuses, just write down every reason. Include those embarrassing moments and the individuals you have emotionally and physically hurt. Keep it and make sure to read it when you feel like giving up the objective of stopping drinking alcohol.

It could also help if you think about the money you spend each time you drink liquor - purchasing it, going to bars, the legal fees and income loss. Do the math when you check your credit card statements and budget. Alcohol abuse is detrimental in a lot of aspects - mentally, physically as well as financially.

If you want to succeed and completely recover, you should be really truthful to yourself and accept the facts. You will know when its the correct time to give up.

Ask for Advice from a Physician

The damage done to your body is something only a medical doctor can assess. The medical doctor can also give suggestions on how to quit drinking. Its either doing it alone or going to a hospital with medical supervision.

Telling People You Trust Could be Helpful

If you need understanding and support during the process, tell those you trust that you would give up drinking liquor. If they really care about you then they will support you.

You Need a Support Group

12 Step Meetings is a great place to meet others who have gone through the same thing you're experiencing. Start by looking for 12 Step Meetings near your area. Various kinds of individuals with different kinds of problems attend various types of meetings. If you can't go to ninety meetings within 90 days then just try to go to as many meetings as you can. These meetings will give you all the info you need on how to stop drinking liquor.

If you have reached this point then that is something to be very proud of. Just continue to be strong and fight the cravings?live a life with no alcohol in your system.

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