Determine How To Have Whole Body Wellness With A San Jose Thyroid Doctor

By Frank Carbart

An ineffective thyroid will affect normal operation on a daily basis including sensations of weakness and poor energy levels. Advice provided by the San Jose thyroid doctor can assist in working towards overall well-being and prevent against the problems associated with imbalanced hormone production. Both medical and natural techniques are available to promote a healthy and normal functioning metabolism.

Improper thyroid operation will contribute to flashes of heat, increased thirst, fatigue, and poor health. This gland is small in size and can be found in the front of the neck where it releases hormones for normal metabolic function. An under-active gland is indicated with hypothyroidism that will reduce metabolism whereas hyperthyroidism produces large amounts of hormones.

The presence of hyperthyroidism is revealed with symptoms of fatigue, weight loss, poor menstrual cycles, and rapid heart rate. Without corrective care, it can affect normal bone density and you may be increasingly susceptible for heart disease. Hypothyroidism releases too little hormone and can lead to water retention, additional weight, and irregular menstruation.

An experienced doctor can apply a blood test to detect the levels of hormone that are present. Problems of the gland must be effectively managed to prevent it from becoming increasingly severe and causing physical dysfunction. Strategies for complete health and wellness can be determined

The approach for managing the condition will depend on its severity and the types of symptoms that patients are suffering from. Medication is often prescribed to regulate the normal production of hormones or surgical methods to relieve symptoms, but such intervention is often advised as a last resort. Natural remedies offer lemon balm to stabilize overactive glands, dietary supplements can assist bone density issues, and lifestyle modifications are recommended.

The professional approach to managing an over or under-active gland is to assess the nature of symptoms and the manner in which it is affecting daily operation. Metabolism can affect weight and requires solutions to stabilize function and improve well-being. Depending on whether you suffer from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, the appropriate management methods can be applied for whole body health.

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