What Kind Of Job Is A Busboy?

By George Dodson

Sampling restaurants can be a fun endeavor. You can decide where to go and what you want to eat. The wait staff warmly receives you and caters to your every need. Whether it's a refreshment or a napkin, the staff eagerly await your order. After having your meal, you gather your items, put aside a tip and ride home. Your expedition has come to a close. Someone else's voyage however, is just starting. The person responsible for clearing the mess you've made to prepare the table for the next customer is the busboy.

On average, in restaurants, diners and other eateries, irrespective of their size, it is mandatory to have staff equipped to clear the tables after someone has been there, prepare the table for the next customer, and be of assistance to the wait staff if necessary.

There are many people who do "Bussing" in USA. Busboys occasionally serve customers refreshments even when they have not made an order. Some busboys also take orders on occasion.

"Bussing as a profession generates very poor income. They rely on the tips they receive a day to supplement their meager fixed weekly or hourly income.

Many who are employed in smaller, less renowned restaurants carry bus boxes with crockery and utensils piled one on top of the other to carry back to the washer with considerable ease. Fancy eateries' busboys carry every plate of food singly, sometimes in only one hand. This takes a lot of time but helps uphold the image of fancy restaurants.

Many a famous actor was, at an initial point in his or her life, a busboy for the sake of earning some pocket money perhaps when times were hard.

Al Pacino was a bus boy at a time. This was eons before he struck gold as an actor.

Alec Baldwin, one of the renowned Baldwin brothers (all of whom are involved in the media), was a busboy at New York's Studio 54 in his youth.

President of Vietnam Mr. Ho hin Mingh himself "bussed" in an eatery in Boston in Parker House Hotel.

Jon Stewart was a "busser" at a Mexican eatery.

Johnny Depp, well known for his role as "Captain Jack Sparrow" in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, was a busboy prior to his acting career.

The next time you are out to eat at your favorite restaurant, keep in mind that the reason that place looks so good is because of those hard working busboys and busgirls that work to keep it that way. Go ahead; give them a little extra in tips. That is how they make their living. You never know, maybe one of them will become famous and remember your night out.

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