Walking Tips When Touring Caminho Do Sol

By Janine Hughes

Walking should be a natural thing to most people. After all, this is an activity that an individual learns while still an infant. Even without the natural thing on it, you can say that this has become a hobby for most people. They even go so far as to book trips where they can walk while checking nature out. This is especially true with Caminho do Sol.

This is the kind of activity where you have to walk the path of the sun. There is a path that the sun follows regularly, after all. With the companies offering this kind of service, they will guide you to the path that the sun takes. It should be a worthy activity for those who love outdoors. Here are some tips they can take note of.

First, be sure to carry enough water with you. You do not wish to be dehydrated while you are walking the path of the sun. Drink water so that you can keep going as well. When you start feeling thirsty, you have to immediately gulp down water because that is the first warning sign for getting dehydrated.

The clothes you wear on that tour should be comfortable. There is just no point in wearing constricting clothes while going on the tour. It is better for you to wear something loose when you go for this trip. Clothes such as shorts, tank tops, and sports bra are ideal for this kind of activity.

Do not forget to wear a baseball cap or sunbreaker when you go out walking. The said item is the most important covering that you can wear for your head. The top of your head should be protected from the direct rays of the sun if you do not want to overhead and experience heat stroke.

Protect your skin. You can either bring a sunscreen with you or apply it beforehand. Even if you are walking during the early hours of the morning or if the sun is already setting, the UV rays can still hurt you. They are still intense. You have to apply the sunscreen before you go out. Include your face.

If you go on this tour, you better bring someone along. The walking tour is not fun if you are on it alone, after all. Someone who you can relate to should be suitable as a tour companion. Meeting up with other people on this tour should be amazing as well. You can meet up with a lot of people here.

Take breaks every once in a while. You do not have to walk fast. You can brisk walk or even slow walk. There is no one who will get mad with you if you do not reach the end of the road, after all. You should never force yourself because that will just spoil the fun of the said trip.

Always listen to your body. In case you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy, then you have to take a break immediately. That can be a sign of heat stroke. When you start feeling that way, seek out a shade and drink water. If you need it, you should seek professional help as well.

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