Top Responsibilities Of An Executive Recruiter

By Josephine Pennington

For a company to function well, it needs to have the right people on board its team. From the top positions up to the lower ones, everyone needs to be skilled enough to do the job that is expected of them. This is why companies invest on hiring human resource staff to conduct the search of potential applicants.

But looking for persons to fill in the lower positions is not the same as looking for those who can work for the top vacancies like the managerial positions. This is why the services of executive recruiters are needed. They are mainly concerned in finding the qualified person who can handle important task inside the company.

The screening process needs to be tight. The competition is tough after all and there will be many applicants who might be interested to apply. The recruiters are tasked to make the flow smooth and well organized. Here are the things that you should expect from them.

Checking of candidate credentials. Seeing a good resume is not enough. It should have supporting information that could back it up. The job of the recruiters is to ensure that the applicants credentials are true and legit. They use different channels to track down the applicants experiences and previous affiliations. Now that the world has gone online, looking into your activities online has been made easier.

Skill assessment. After verifying the credibility of the candidates background, what they do next is assess the competence of the person. This can be done in a series of exams and interviews as seen fit by the company and the recruiter. If the position is high, the intensity of the assessment may also be higher, fitted to measure the competence of the applicant.

Interviews. You should never underestimate an interview. This is done not to impress the interviewer but to show and answer the things that one can give to the company. Professional recruiters have set of questions that are proven to be effective methods of looking into the motivations of the candidate.

Research competitors and the market place. Aside from hiring staff, they also help you get an idea on how your competitors are doing in the market. This could include the mode of services they have and the number of staff that they employ at a certain project. With the data that they gather, they make sure that you are not lagging behind any innovation that the others are employing.

Strengthens your network. Business is more about who you know in business. Recruiters are aware of this and makes sure to maintain good contacts with people who are related to your business. They are constantly update do the recent activities and developments on your industry. Having a wide network is important as it increases the number of good referrals you will have in case you need another person to work with you.

You cannot let yourself lag behind the competition. Be sure you are in the game by being with the right people who are on the same page as you are. Choose them right by getting the service of reliable recruiters.

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