Top Job Opportunities For Veterans In 2015

By Enid Hinton

Exiting the military and joining civilian life without a job is very challenging. With your experience and credentials from national service, you stand an excellent chance to secure a well paying and satisfying job. Here are some of the highest rated job opportunities for veterans in 2015 and their salary scale.

Management Consultant- the efficiency and discipline that is characteristic of military service makes ex-soldiers very good managers. Employers are attracted by the ability to solve problems and deliver on expectations without ignoring procedures. These are the traits that help institutions to deal with performance and structural weaknesses. The expected salary for this position is 98,000 in a year.

IT Programs Manager- IT managers understand what their juniors and seniors do for the purposes of managing work flow and delivery. This is similar to military training where a soldier is required to cover for his senior in case of a mishap. As the manager, you will be expected to meet project deadlines and according to specifications. The annual salary is around 96,300 dollars.

Aerospace/aviation manager- civilian aviation installations require similar skills as the military institutions. Ex-soldiers who worked with the aviation wing stand to make 84,000 dollar a year. This position requires you to research, design and implement projects for the aviation industry. You also are required to carryout tests before the commissioning of projects.

Business Development Manager- military training results into excellent leaders. The private sector requires an individual who can command respect from peers, juniors and seniors. As an ex-soldier, you stand an excellent chance to earn 77,100 each year as the business development manager.

Intelligence Analyst- this is for ex-service men who wish to continue serving their country. Your main responsibility will be to protect American interests through intelligence. You will be working with the FBI and other security arms in identifying potential threats by analyzing the information that is gathered by field officers. Your salary will be around 73,000 dollars.

Electrical Engineer- this is an excellent opportunity for soldiers who have worked on electrical and navigation systems as well as weapon development. Their skills are valuable to public utilities, government agencies and engineering firms. The pay is around 72,000 in a year.

Software Developer- the role fits ex-soldiers who understand mathematical concepts, coding, programming language and such IT related areas. This is an addition to the problem solving skills that is required of soldiers. You can expect to make up to 70,800 over a year of software development.

Operations Manager- the man in charge of operations ensures that service delivery or production is flawless or as easy as possible. With the efficiency that is demanded in the military, you are likely to secure a job very fast. Most operations managers earn between 65,000 dollars and 110,000 dollars in a year.

The positions above are advertised regularly with very lenient academic demands. Some employers give priority to veterans because of their training and credentials. With a diploma, certificate or degree, military credentials will be an added advantage. Others like software development are practical and could also be used for self employment.

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