How To Talk To Teens About Sex In A Proper Way

By Janine Hughes

As a child grows up, he keeps learning new things each day. She will reach a certain age and she will need to know more regarding her sexuality. The times that people used to shy away from such matters are long gone. At the present times, you must know how to talk to teens about sex. If you do not, they will go out to the world without a clear understanding on how to handle relationships with the opposite gender.

As a responsible parent you need to take this issue seriously. Find an appropriate time and call your child for a discussion. At the age of 14, it is only right for the child to know the truth when it comes to sex.

There is an age whereby children begin to address these issues. For girls, it is when they have reached puberty and they are menstruating. The boys start being curious at the same age because they are seeing the girls undergo the physical changes.

When your child is already seeing someone, it is not the right time to raise the topic. He must have been told earlier before even starting the relationship. When this child grows up, he will appreciate an always remember the things that you taught them. The attitude and tone of your voice should not be harsh. The aim of the discussion is to impart knowledge and not to cause fear in the child.

Be cautious of how you handle the matter. This is because if you reveal so much about sexuality, the children may be left worried. The reason is because you are introducing to them a whole new concept. Therefore, teach them bit by bit so that they have time to digest the information.

The other thing that will give the child knowledge is buying him relevant books. You should give him the books or articles after enlightening him concerning the issue. You should be the one to find out how they are fairing on with the reading. Ask them the new things they are learning. You must make sure that they understand the concept in the right way.

For those who are shy or do not know how to go about the issue, you can search the internet and get tips. Additionally, you can seek advice from your spouse. Make sure that you do not handle this issue without the knowledge of the spouse. It is the duty of both parents to educate their children. Even though you may prefer one of you to approach the teen, at least both of you should discuss the matter.

The other thing to watch is the kind of values that the internet or television is teaching your children. Find out the movies and songs the child is listening to. This is because the teenage period is a time that the child will become curious about everything. The child should not be exposed to pornography films. This may create an addiction that as a parent you do not wish for your child. As a consequence, he will become immoral at such an early age and lose respect for the opposite sex.

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