How Can I Take Charge Of My Spiritual Life Journey

By Kristen Baird

Spiritual life can be compared to a great extent to physical life. The desire to loose weight, exercise, quit smoking or make such lifestyle changes is never easy. However, it is not impossible. The journey begins when you proclaim in your heart that I will be in control of my spiritual life journey.

Becoming something more and deeper is a struggle by all means. External changes are easier to make since they involve physical adjustments. Some of the physical changes to institute include going to the gym, taking pills, avoiding certain people and areas, etc. However, matters of the spirit are different because they demand personal resolution.

Internal change is the basis of any transformation. The decision to be a better person must come from within. The difficulty of spiritual change lies in the lack of something tangible to hold on. There is an inner self that yearns for authenticity and purity. This should be your focus as you seek to take charge of your destiny.

The inner voice in every individual directs thoughts and actions. It offers directions on what to do and what to avoid. Specialists and those who have lived fulfilled lives agree that listening to the inner voice is the way to take control. When your thoughts are in harmony with your words and actions, you will keep away from internal conflict which hands control back to you.

The authentic self is revealed when you are in touch with your inner self. The best way to reconnect with your inner and authentic self is through discernment. According to experts, spending time alone allows you to evaluate your life and identify areas that require attention. This is the way to correct waywardness of the spirit and avoid internal conflict.

To find the authentic path for spiritual growth, it is important to ask certain fundamental questions. What if I was gentler? More loving? Less selfish? More generous? Kinder? More patient? More compassionate? More humble? Etc. Such questions help you to evaluate your life and begin to change your heart.

An issue that has been bothering experts is whether change can be achieved on your own. The conclusion after numerous studies is that an external force is required to achieve personal transformation. Just like renovation of a house, a new force is required. This is strong religious commitment. It offers a solid ground to anchor your life.

Spiritual formation is a universal characteristic of human beings. It determines your attitudes, values and moral standing. It is through neglect that the inner being weakens leading to deviation. In order to restore this, you must undergo a spirit-led process that brings you as close as possible to the likeness of Christ. The bible says that we must endeavor to be like Christ.

The paradoxical part of inner growth is that you cannot make it to happen yet it never happens unless you are involved. Your acceptance provides the right atmosphere for change. Your effort and desire to take charge of your destiny will bring clarity on what needs to be done. It opens the way for God to complete the transformation through his grace.

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